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The new bridge - Don't Panic !!!

The new Queensferry Crossing over the River Forth north of Edinburgh is now open (day 1 started as a shambles when a heavy truck broke down in the morning rush hour!!) and the old 1964 bridge is closed except for cyclists and pedestrians. It does appear on Google maps although their directions generator hasn't caught up yet. But there is every chance it won't appear on your GPS for a while. If you are on the A90 just after the M90 merges with it and the signs for Dunfermline/Perth (northbound) or Edinburgh (southbound) disagree with the GPS just follow them - a get your passenger to take a photo of the moment when the GPS shows you driving in a river!!

By the way, the walk across the 1964 bridge is recommended on a fine day, combine it with a train ride on the rail bridge.

edit: forgot to mention, between 1 and 6 September they will be going back to the old arrangement for some special events on the new bridge.

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I was across the old Bridge last weekend and the New bridge was looking great though I must admit the gantries attached to the main columns look a bit weird.
I had applied to get a pass to be one of the thousands to walk across the bridge this weekend but did not get drawn out of the lottery.
out of 24 folk in our walking group on 2 actually got a ticket to cross the bridge.

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because the 1964 road bridge has structural issues, not helped by the increase in traffic and increase in permitted weights of trucks. The plan, once a few maintenance jobs are done, is for the 1964 bridge to take pedestrians and cyclists (it has always had paths for these) and only local buses and blue light vehicles will use the road lanes. They promise the new bridge will last at least 150 years.

meantime, the 1890 rail bridge is still going strong with no suggestion it should be replaced. In fact they are working on plans to build a visit centre with an elevator to the top.