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The Isle of Arran

Any recommendations for lodging, etc. on the Isle of Arran. I plan to go to a fiddling concert on May 25th so thought I might spend a few days there but could use some advice.

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I spent three nights on Aaron, and absolutely loved it. I stayed at the very south tip of the island (the Lagg Hotel), which was lovely but would be a bit difficult to get to without a car. If you are going to rely on public transportation, I would suggest staying in Brodick, which is where the ferry will bring you from Ardrossan. Brodick is a nice place and is the largest village on Arran. There is good hiking nearby if that's what you like, or you could take a bus up to Brodick Castle and Grounds, which is slightly north of the village.

There is some fun shopping nearby - my favorite places were Arran Aromatics, which has some wonderful scented bath products made there (good for souvenirs) and Arran Cheese Shop. There are also several distilleries on Arran; including Lagg Distillery, which is near the south end of Arran and Lochranza Distillery, at the north end.

The town of Lochranza to the north is very charming, and there is a wonderful castle ruin that sits right on the water. It is closed up and you cannot access it, but you can look through it and see the stairs. It’s a beautiful location as well and the drive up along the east coast is just gorgeous. There is also a wonderful little building right across from the ferry terminal called The Sandwich Shop that sells wonderful sandwiches. It has the best bread ever. You can get there by bus pretty easily.

And if you have a chance to go south, head to Lagg along the southern tip, as there is a lovely beach that you can walk down to. Very rocky but very pretty. And on the way, stop at the 5,000 year old Torrylin burial cairn. It’s in a very peaceful setting. When I was there, I was the only soul around for miles.

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The Concert is in Whiting Bay- so you might like to look for Lodging there. Both Whiting Bay and Lagg are on the South Island Bus route- half way between Brodick and Lagg. From your previous plan you don't seem to be renting a car while in Scotland.

So, if you don't stay in Whiting Bay it would be a taxi afterwards to either Lagg or Brodick.

In Whiting Bay there is the Burlington Guest House- or the village of Lamlash may also be worth a look.

The Burlington is probably sold out by now for those dates.

There is also the Cruickshanks at Whiting Bay- which you would have to book direct, and has availability currently.

PS- Even as foot passenger do book ahead on CalMac, given that there is also the Visual Arts Exhibition on that weekend at Corrie Village Hall, it is a long Holiday weekend and there is the Arran Pipe Band playing at Brodick Castle on Sunday.

There is actually a bus from Whiting Bay at 0620 which connects with the first ferry. But if you get the 0725 bus for the 2nd ferry then that one is operated with the big ship, so you could have the legendary CalMac breakfast during your sailing. A train connects with the ferry at Ardrossan and gets you to Paisley by 10am, Glasgow by 1015am.

On the way out a bus to Whiting Bay connects with all ferries until the 6pm from Ardrossan.

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On Arran there is an Arran Day Rider Bus Ticket for £7.20, and a weekly Arran 7 Day Megarider for £22.30- so it pays for itself after the first journey on Day 4.
Both tickets can be purchased and used on the Stagecoach buses app if that is your preference, or cash or contactless.

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We spent 3 nights at Cruickshanks last September......... Nanette & Rob were most welcoming hosts & know the area well. Great accommodations. Would not hesitate to return.

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I spent a week solo and stayed at Belvedere Guest House easy walk from the ferry. Alan is an amazing host, the rooms are lovely and huge breakfast. Felt right at home and super convenient. I did not have a car and used the bus system. Lots to see and do on Arran. Have a wonderful time.