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The Falkirk Wheel?

Has anyone been to/on the Falkirk Wheel? We'll be in Scotland at the end of May and thought it looks amazing.

If you have been to it, can we just arrive and purchase tickets, or do we have to pre-order (I'd prefer to do it all at time of arrival).

I appreciate any comments!

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have a great time. I plan on going there along with the seahorse sculpture the next time im there.

happy trails.

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Hello Leslie,
Yes, I have been to the Falkirk Wheel. It is a rather amazing piece of engineering if you enjoy such things, which I do. You just show up and buy your ticket to ride the boat up and back down. The boat goes up the waterway a half mile or so, then turns around and comes back. It is also quite interesting to stand and watch it work. You can also hike around and watch from different vantage points. It was pouring rain the day we were there, so we didn't do much walking, but it was very enjoyable nevertheless. We spent about 3 hours there in all. There is also a self-serve style restaurant with a good view of the wheel.
It is a bit tricky to find by car, but Falkirk Wheel was a point of interest on our Garmin. It led us right to it. I think I would have had a bit of trouble finding it without the GPS.

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Leslie, thanks for posting on the Falkirk Wheel. I had never heard of it before. What an amazing thing.

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Don't forget to visit the new Kelpies while you are there. I have been watching their progress for quite awhile and the grand opening is this month. They look stunning and I am looking forward to seeing them when I'm in Scotland in June and July.

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The Kelpies look amazing! I want to see this and the Falkirk Wheel when we are in Glasgow next month. Is it possible to get there by train from Glasgow? Maybe train tomFalkirk and then rent bikes???

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The Falkirk Wheel Website has info on ways to get there and activities (including bikes) in the area.