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Telephone calls within Scotland

We are planning on getting a SIM card at Tesco's at the airport in Glasgow. I am uncertain how to make calls to our Airbnb hosts. Their telephone numbers on the site are, for example, +44 123 456 7899. How do I call this number within Scotland? Many thanks!

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There will be an area code begining with a zero.
Glasgow being 0141, then either a 6 or 7 figure number for the premises.
The smaller highland towns are likely to gave 5 digit area codes and 6 figure number for premises

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If your contacts are stored with an online service ie Google Contacts simply add your hosts' full telephone number to the list and everything will happen at the press of a button.

Alternatively, if your contacts are stored on the SIM you will remove, call the number in the format 0123 456 7890.

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Hi, traveller24,

44 is the country code for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You would use that code if you were calling from outside Britain. From the U.S., you'd preface 44 with 011 if you're dialling directly.

As you've already been advised, you drop the 44 if you're calling from within Britain, and put a zero in front of the number you're calling. Unless the telephone number that you've been given already has a zero in front of it, in which case a second zero would be redundant.

Tesco also sells calling cards for calling back to the U.S., or ahead to other countries. The cheapest card that they have is the three pound card, which gives you about three hours calling time to the U.S., and low rates for most other countries. If you make a call to the U.S., for example, you would be billed by the minute by your mobile (cell phone) carrier for the call to Tesco's 0800 number, plus about one pence per minute from your calling card.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Mike (Auchterless)