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Taste of Scotland show at Prestonfield House Hotel

I will be a part of a tour group that will be attending this show in Edinburgh next June. I'm wondering if my time would be better spent taking the Literary Tour instead that night or something else to better experience the city and its people. It just seems that this arranged show might be rather cheesy and touristy. Has anyone attended this show? If so, what was it like? I know a lot about the Scottish culture and history as my boyfriend is of Scottish heritage and plays bagpipes in a Pipe and Drum band and we regularly attend Highland Games for decades, so a show like this would not necessarily be "educational" for me. I'd rather be OUT in the culture experiencing it first-hand rather than watch a choreographed version of it on a stage.

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I live not far from Prestonfield House, a beautiful place but the Taste of Scotland though very popular is not my idea of Scottish Culture.
I think if you fancy the Literary Tour then go on it , it takes you through some interesting areas of the city.You will probably end up in a real interesting pub at the end of the tour and will have a real experience of the city rather than the fake Scottish Culture of the Taste of Scotland.
It is your vacation so do the things that appeal to you , don't be a sheep be yourself.

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I went to a similar show in Fort William on one of my early trips. I was with a young woman who was interested. It was okay, but very hokey. I think it was billed as a musical evening. What I really wanted was some good fiddle music. For that we would have been better off looking for some gigs in pubs.