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Tall family renting a car in Scotland

My family is traveling to Scotland this October. We are kind of concerned about renting a car because we are all quite tall. I am 6' 5" my wife is 5' 11" and our 13 year old son is 6' 2". We need a car that we will all be comfortable in. The problem is not many of the models we are seeing are sold here in the states so we can't go try them out before hand. What do you recommend we look for to rent so we are all comfortable in the car?

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I am sure that you'll find something. Just don't go too big as the roads are small. If you get a big old SUV you'll not enjoy your driving as you squeeze past cars on single track roads. Don't get me wrong. There are big vehicles on the wee roads--I've friend who drives a bus on them now that takes real skill and nerve! But, you want to go as small as you can. Had you thought of just looking up the cars on the web? Maybe even Top Gear! HAH. I think that an intermediate size car may be what you want. I think I got a Ford Mondeo and I suspect it would work.

Why don't you post what brands you're seeing and see if Unclegus or MC can comment?


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We used to own a fusion which is the same as a Mondeo and that would work. I have seen the Vauxhall Corsa 5 Door, Vauxhall Mokka and the Citroen C4.

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I am 6ft 1 inch. The Vauxhall Corsa is too small. The Mokka is a tall vehicle but I don’t think the distance to the pedals - with seat right back - is that great. The Citroen C4 does not have enough legroom. The Citroen C4 Picassa is bigger and does - just about - have enough legroom for me in the drivers seat. However, the backs of the rear seats are rather low for any one who is tall. On the plus side, it has a massive windscreen = ideal for seeing views. The Ford Mondeo is one of the better cars for legroom - though the seats are set rather low. Toyotas & most French cars have very limited legroom. Vauxhall Astra has just about enough legroom for me driving but rear space is cramped. Kia Ceed & Hyundai i30 (basically the same car) are just about acceptable for me. Ford Focus does - just about - have enough legroom for me - BUT you can’t get another adult in the seat behind! VW Golf is cramped but the Golf SV should be acceptable - but you are unlikely to find this car for hire.

One of the best cars for interior space is the Nissan Pulsar = plenty of headroom and just about enough for me in the driving seat - and you can get another me behind me.

Don’t forget to request an automatic if that is what you want. It does not always follow that the bigger the car, the more legroom. What matters is how far the seat runner moves back and when fully back, can you get anyone behind? Beware of cars with sloping rears - they may look cool but interior rear headspace is limited.

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I am pretty short 5 foot 5, so never have had a problem. I would say the Corsa is too small , I have rented them in the past and fine for me. My sister and BIL have a Picasso and my BIL it a tall guy and suits him fine.
Most hire companies that I have dealt with tend to state a group of cars without being specific so I would go for the larger family cars, should have more room in one of them. We hired a Volkswagon Traveller for a family trip a couple of months ago, actually seats 8 or 9 people and that was great both as a driver and a passanger but are a bit more expensive to hire.

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I know little about cars but just showed this thread to DH. He suggests a Skoda Superb (similar to Audi A6 ie same chassis, engine, gearbox) which is our own family car. In size it is similar to a Mondeo.

Lots of leg room in front and back and lots of space in the boot (trunk) for luggage. We are average sized people but sons are over 6 feet tall and they are comfortable in the back seats.

DH says that a Mercedes E class would likely also suit your needs. However this is not going to be a budget car.

As has been stated request an automatic at the time of reserving your car (whatever you choose) because they are not standard in the UK. If you are happy to drive a manual/stick shift then you do not need to specify what you would prefer.

The point about driving on our roads is accurate. In many places they are not straight, flat or wide. This link might be useful to you.

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I suggest going for the biggest category you can afford and feel comfortable with. There's no guarantee you will get a particular model.

Yes, the roads are narrower than the wide highways you might be used to but all vehicles do fit on them!

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Thank you all so much. Lots of great information. I think we will be going with something in the Ford Mondeo size range.

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You can't specify which brand that you hire, they are just grouped by compact / medium etc. A people carrier will have more head room. Your problem will be compounded if you need an automatic.

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A C class car is probably ok. You want the mix of the car for you and the roads. I am in imperial terms 5'10, and my car is a Hyundai i30 and have no problem. Also have no problem in the rear seats.

Also any auto box smaller than this is most likely to be powered by a hive of bees, at least the Kia Picannto I had when my car was in the garage was.