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Need Suggestions for a meeting point in Edinburgh Airport

Hello all,
I will be traveling in a couple weeks. I will be landing in Edinburgh airport a few hours after a couple of our travel companions arrive.
Can you suggest a good place for us to plan to meet when I arrive and make it through immigration? (we will then be heading to car hire area after that if it helps)

Thanks again, as always I'm sure to find good advice on this forum.

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Edinburgh airport is pretty small. I would suggest the large café at Domestic Arrivals actually at the opposite end of the terminal from the baggage /arrival area for international flights but only takes a minute or so to walk there all one level , no door ,stairs etc.. it is then a straight walk (about 150-200 yards) to the car hire hub.

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Thank you, yes I see on the map there is a Costa there. That will be a great place for waiting and meeting.
That will do the trick!