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Thanks for posting the videos. I have visited the castle three times over the years.

The first time was decades ago. I went to a summer camp in northern Wisconsin--Camp Osoha. It had been founded in the 1920's by Robert Snaddon, a Scotsman who had grown up near Stirling Castle. He had died many years before I was there, but his second wife carried on with the stories about him and Scotland. One of them was about a spiral stair case that took you up to the loft at Braeburn--Robert Snaddon's and now his widow's home at camp. She always explained to new campers that the spiral went in the direction it did because they matched the turnpike stairs at Stirling. My sister and I were thrilled when we got to Stirling to find the turnpikes just as described. On that visit. the Chapel Royal had been restored and Libby and I were so impressed.

So, many years later, I revisited when the Great Hall had just been restored. It was amazing! The color was visible from so far away! It shook people up. Aren't castles supposed to be gray? Well, not when they are Royal!

The last time I went they were excavating the Renaissance Palace and you could get glimpses of what they were finding. I remember the exhibition on the heads. They were brown!!! In the video they are spectacular! And, if you went way down past the kitchen and down to the Tapestry Studio you could see the weavers working on the tapestries. Since then, I've seen the originals here in NYC.

I can hardly wait to see the restored palace.