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Stirling Castle

Trying to figure out itinerary for a day visit to Stirling, any advice based on your experiences is apreciated.

Option A. Weekday by train from Edinburgh. My wife and I are fit so walking from the train station is ok, or is a cab advisable?

Option B. Make a stop on a Friday on our way to Glasgow from Mull. We'll have a car but not sure if this leaves us enough time to do Stirling justice. We have to be in Glasgow by 5pm.

Option C Sunday train from Glasgow to Stirling.

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Five years ago, we were driving to Stirling from the west. We arrived at 20 minutes before closing, so we missed getting to see it, except from outside. Driving to the castle was easy, but after a stop for tea, trying to find our way out of town to head towards Edinburgh for the night was a real challenge, and we drove around for the better part of an hour, looking for the exit street. We’re not totally inept navigating in the UK or elsewhere, but that was frustrating!

Based on our experience, I’d say do Plan A. A cab will get you right to your destination, unless you fancy a bit of exercise, or want to avoid the cab fare. You can always ride to the castle and walk back to the station, as a compromise! If it’s pouring rain, stay drier and take a cab.

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We took the train from Edinburgh to Stirling and walked to the castle easily. Well worth the visit, by the way.
On the way home we stopped in Linlithgow and walked up to the palace for a little look see. That was well worth the stop as well.

Have a great time!

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Option A for sure, especially as Stirling is not on any logical route from Mull to Glasgow. But well worth a visit.

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Option A. It really depends on how you are feeling on that day whether you walk it or take a cab. I tend to take a cab up the hill to maximize my time at the site that I came to see and then walk down and enjoy the town on the way back to the train station.
I encourage you to sign up for one of the free tours when you get there. I learned quite a bit and I found that I enjoyed Stirling more than Edinburgh Castle