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St. Andrew's Himalayas Putting Course

Hi all,

I have a couple questions about the Himalayas putting course. I understand that reservations are not required, nor does the club take them.

Is it an actual course that you follow hole to hole with your golf party (almost like miniature golf in the U.S.) OR is it a huge putting green that everyone randomly walks onto and puts around?

On Thursdays, it apparently opens at 11am. If I show up at 11:30am in early July with my family of 5, will be able to get on the course? Or is there a waiting period? I just assume St. Andrew's will be packed in July -- maybe I am wrong.

How long does the 9-hole course and the 18-hole course take to play?

Thank you!

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Great activity to do with your family! It is an actual course that you follow hole to hole, but on a much larger scale than minature golf. I think you will be able to get on the course. I don't know that I can tell you how long for a group of 5 since I was golfing alone when I did this.

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As the previous comment noted, it's an actual course of 18 holes. There's no "built environment" like a typical mini-golf course -- no artificial turf, no windmills, stuff like that. The geology is basically grass-covered sand dunes, that's why it's so hilly. You could think of it as a cross between a regular links course and a set of 18 extra-huge putting greens.

The window where you pay and get your club & ball and scorecard is around the side of the clubhouse, which has a prominent "Members Only" sign on the front. Just go around to the left side and you'll see the window. Unlike the regular St Andrews courses, the Himalayas doesn't require a handicap or any golf experience at all, it's just family fun!

There are no lockers or other facilities to leave your belongings.

You do not have to wear golf shoes. Any flat or low-heeled shoes or boots are acceptable. You cannot wear any kind of high heels or spike heels.

With a party of 5, I'd guess it might take you 2 hours to play in "ready golf" fashion. If you're on a tight schedule or if there are people behind you (and it's not convenient to let them play through), you could establish a ground rule that everybody picks up their ball after, say, 4 strokes.

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There are actually 2 courses making up the Himalayas - a 9 and an 18 and is adjacent to the second tee on the Old Course. Maximum number of players in a group is 4. There is no waiting period as such, but there might be a queue! You should easily cover the holes in 1 hour. It is an excellent test of putting. Any score under 40 for 18 holes is very good. We visit St Andrews regularly and make a point of playing it at least once each time we are there.