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Someone asked about getting from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh, I need to go the other way

We arrive at Edinburgh airport at 10AM on Saturday, I booked a hotel for the night in Glasgow. I thought we could take a tram to Haymarket station in Edinburgh and then get the train in Glasgow. Is that correct?

Might there be an easier way to get from EDI to Glasgow Central train station?

We need to travel to Ft William the following day, so I thought planning to be in Glasgow would allow us a few hours to see a few sights there (we aren't into larger towns) and then take the train to Ft William to check into our B&B by 4PM on Sunday.

Good plan, or not. I've looked into maybe staying the night in Edinburgh and going to Ft William from there, but at this late date, hard to find a hotel that is a good price and close enough to Waverly that we wouldn't need a taxi.

BTW, we will be spending the final two nights of our trip in Edinburgh, so we'll have a bit of time in the city..

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Going to Glasgow is a good idea. You should look into the Citylink bus to go directly to Glasgow City Centre from EDI. Going to Edinburgh Haymarket is taking you in the opposite direction. :) Check this out.

Any way you look at it, a visit to Edinburgh is a good idea, but you'll want to spend a day or two if you can.

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But Glasgow Central is just fine for going to Glasgow from Edinburgh.

Then find Queen Street for your departure the next day!

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I thought planning to be in Glasgow would allow us a few hours to see a few sights there (we aren't into larger towns)

You are aware that Glasgow is Sotland's most populous city? A small town it is not.

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I had a great time in Glasgow, but that was precisely because of its urban attractions. If you have Rick's book on Scotland or on Great Britain, he has a very good Glasgow chapter (same in both books). Take a look to see what might interest you for your time there.

If you just want an overview, the Hop-On, Hop-Off buses work very well in Glasgow, as they come every 10 minutes (alternating between taped and live guides), and go to almost all the main attractions. You could stay on a live guide one for a complete circuit, get off at something that interested you and see it, then take the HOHO bus back to your hotel.

If you want nitty-gritty of what I saw on my visit, here's my trip report (just skip down to the Glasgow sections):

One thing about Glasgow is that, while it's Scotland's largest city, it isn't nearly as touristed as Edinburgh is. For instance, I only saw one store selling "tartan tat" in the city centre of Glasgow, while Edinburgh has lots. Locals outnumber tourists at many of the museums and other sights, too.

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Next year Glasgow is getting a new museum at Central Station, attached to the station tour, well worth it if you can do it, mocking up a couple of disused platforms as what they would have looked in the 1920s under Caledonian Railways.