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SIM card purchase

Well, the newest thread on this seems to be 3 years old so time for a new one. Last year I bought an EE sim near Gatwick and it worked well for me. This year at Edinburgh Airport it seems like WH Smith is your option for SIM cards in the airport. We’re heading to the centre of Edinburgh right after landing. Grab something at the airport or better options in city centre?

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If you still have the EE SIM it might be able to be reactivated. We have done that. Put the SIM in your phone when you arrive and call their customer service number, 150. Worth a try, anyway.

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Both Carphone Warehouse and EE have shops on Princes Street right in the center of Edinburgh. I went directly to EE in Edinburgh, my earlier EE SIM had expired, so I bought a new one already loaded with a pay as you go bundle plan. Since you have your old SIM, you might as well take it to the EE store as Laurel suggested.

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Wow, that's awesome. I actually have to walk right by EE on the way to my hotel, great suggestion. That's the good news. The bad news is I land at 6:10 a.m. and the store opens at 9:30. Might be a tad early, lol.

Decisions, decisions.

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Hello PastorAsh,
Cannot determine where you are based out of therefore providing my own experience in Scotland in effort to assist you.

We never had the need to purchase a SIM card in Europe because we have Verizon and the service (thus far) has been seamless. We travel to Edinburgh and stay for business or to visit family.

We do have a member in our business group who ventures into northern Scotland and islands annually/biannually; he purchases a cheap phone ‘load as you go’ minutes. He purchases those minutes at Edinburgh airport, in bus or train stations. The areas he goes to doesn’t always provide good WiFi so he uses the cheap load your minutes phone he purchased at Edinburgh airport.

Have a good trip!