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Mike, thank you for the culinary heads-up about Aberdeen. Has anyone ever opened a fast-Haggis chain? If there’s a competitor, The ‘Bell and the Golden Arches might feel it!

Folks intent on a green chile (chilli) burrito at the new franchise might want to also place an order across the street for a Headstone Grande.

I presume you won’t be a frequent customer there, so Happy Eating! If not going to Taco Hell, you can have the chance elsewhere at having Holy Guacamole!

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I prefer to just stay away. The only time we’ll eat at a fast food place in Europe is if there is absolutely nothing else open. Very seldom eat at one in the U.S. either.

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We call it Toxic Hell...and to think they might think this is actual Mexican food!
We refuse to eat at a McDonalds while in Europe, we are more of a Burger King kinda couple.

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Mike, if it makes you feel any better, you’d be supporting my hometown economy (corporate HQ) by eating there. Taco Bell opened a cantina-branded version of itself here in the historic district of Alexandria a couple years ago. They serve beer and it’s a smaller footprint with outdoor seating. It was the first time I’d been to Taco Bell in ages. Still tastes the same but was kinda nostalgic for a Taco BellGrande, so figured why not.

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I am surprised Aberdeen didn't learn its lesson and ban all new American development: you let one in and the rest follow.

Taco Bell has saved the sanity of many a working mom. Its not the quality of the food, that matters, its the convenience of picking it up on the way home and silencing the kids.

While I understand the general negative consensus about fast food chains, I try not to "villify" fast food chains. One of my first college jobs was at McDonald's. I hated working there, but needed a job and learned a few things about business.

Sometimes, fast food can "bail out" a hungry traveler or those needing to conserve funds or time.

One of my first funny travel moments in Europe involved a Mc Donald's in London.
Scotland needs some kind of "fastfood" salmon and steak pie/roasted potatoes place.

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We do have fast food in Scotland - the 'fish supper'. I don't think we need any imported chains. Particularly Taco Hell!

Skyegirl (Jacqui)

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For those who want to visit "one of the most beautiful McDonald's in the world" referenced by James E, it is located at Nyugati station. The Youtuber who published it misidentifies it as Budapest Grand Central station. The other big station in Budapest is Keleti. In Hungarian, the stations are Nyugati (West) and Kleleti (East) stations. Sorry, no Grand Central.

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So if you’re just hungry, go to Hungary. But not to the taco place in Aberdeen, right?