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shuttle or train services to/from Hadrian's wall and Edinburgh

A group of 4 hikers are investigating travel from Edinburgh to Bowness on Solway Oct 4 2021, returning to Edinburgh from Wallsend Oct 11. Train is a possibility but wondered if hiring a private shuttle would be a good option? Thanks for any information.

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Just had a quick look on the Split Ticketing App.
Tickets from Edinburgh to Carlisle can be had from £10.40 and upwards per person.
There's huge differences in fares .
funny enough I am off to St.Bees shortly, you likely can guess why and fares on one AP.
show the journey at £71 ,I bought it at £18.40 via Split Ticket.

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Splitting the cost 4 ways might make a private ride a good option, but would still take some travel time. Trekking the Wall route in June, 4 years ago, the 2 of us took a train from Glasgow to Carlisle, then a taxi to Bowness on Solway, stopping off enroute at our B&B in Drumburgh to drop off our luggage for that night. We started from the kiosk at Bowness in mid-afternoon. Cumbrian sausage was the feature on the menus the first couple of days. At the end, venturing out to the Roman site at South Shields was worth the short extra trip from Wallsend. Following our Wall walk, we took a train from Newcastle to Manchester and beyond, but we did use trains. Fortuna vobis adsit!

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As you know your travel dates it makes sense to book your train tickets when they go on sale (not on sale for October yet). Look for Advance tickets - they are the best value for money. Plus you'll get a group discount.

Edinburgh to Carlise about £10 each; Newcastle to Edinburgh about £15 each.

You can easily get taxis out to Bowness, and from Wallsend back into Newcastle.

Buy from one of the train companies e.g.

A taxi from Edinburgh will cost a lot.

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Just chiming in to say that walking along Hadrian's Wall was an experience I'll always remember with awe. Luckily I had pretty good weather, which is to say it was chilly (August but you could see your breath) with alternating clouds and sun and a few brief showers.

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When in Newcastle you can return from either Wallsend or South Shields on the Metro (think of it as a smaller north eastern ‘Tube’, which largely runs overground - uses tracks that were initially laid down by mining and other heavy industries in the main) which will take you to Central station where you can connect with the LNER East Coast line which will take you back to Edinburgh. One other piece of advice - reserve a seat on trains wherever possible. Certainly necessary on the fast trains, although seats are generally unreservable on smaller ‘local’ trains. Using taxis, except for the the short trip from Carlisle to the start of the National Trail at Bowness, would be prohibitively expensive in my humble opinion.

We walked Hadrian’s Wall a few years back - I’m wearing my ‘The Final Frontier’ t-shirt today! - and took in the best section largely when hiking the Pennine Way (the two trails run concurrently for seven or eight miles) in 2019 We had a great time on both walks, but even in the summer the weather was mixed - had some ‘t-shirts and shorts’ days and a couple of ‘head to toe wet weather garb’ days. The best bit of the wall is exposed and can be cold and windy. As with all advice for the U.K., pack for all eventualities, the more so in October! Hope you have a great trip!