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Shoes for hiking the Quiraing

I am an experienced hiker from the PNW looking for feedback on the most appropriate shoes to wear hiking the Quiraing in early September.

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It is quite a short walk but fairly tough, I would certainly have good waterproof boots with good ankle support.
All my walking shoes/boots have Vibram soles which I find very good for walking in Scotland. September should be reasonably warm so I would not wear my heavy duty mountain boots but would wear my lighter Goretex lined lightweight boots.................. buts that's me.

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I was there in October and agree with Gus, the lighter boots will be fine, obviously all boots for Scotland need to be waterproof to the max. Good none slips soles are the main thing I would consider. You will encounter a few spots early where you have to step across areas that are rocky/wet and have a pretty severe penalty for misteps! If heigths are intimidating you will not be pushed to the limit but you will be faced with some stressful moments, have courage!! Be sure to drive around the penensula to Uig and visit the Fairy Glen, its truely unique, not to the grand level of Quiraing but awesome in its own way! Budget extra time for these areas as they are awesome, and use this website for guidance on the hikes at Quiraing, Old Man Storr, and the Fairy Glen!!!

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Yes, good advice here. I will always remember when I was headed out for my first walking trip and i asked if I really needed boots or would a good walking shoe do. I swear I could hear the NOOOOO echoing across the Atlantic before the email hit my in box. And, yes it is about the soles and the waterproof.

You'll have a great time! Maybe you'll find another interesting walk while you are in Scotland.


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The Quiraing isn't as boggy as many of the other hikes on Skye--puddles on the trail and such. But there is some steep bits and some loose scree if you go up inside where the old shinty field is. Decent boots are a must. I saw people (or should I say I passed people) who were wearing little sneakers and were having to go back down on their butts.

If you decide to hike at the Old Man of Storr, there is an outstanding route that goes up to the right of the popular formations and on to the top. It's not a difficult hike and very few people up there. Really spectacular views up and down the coastline from there.

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My "go to" travel shoes are Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes. They work great in both trail and urban settings.