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Shetland Island

Has anyone visited Shetland Island. I am thinking of going there to visit Jarlshof for it's historic ruins - prehistory also the Viking settlement. If you have the best way to travel there from Edinburgh.

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There's only one way - flying. I don't think there's a ferry but, if there was, it would take a loooong time to get there. Of course you could drive to Aberdeen and catch the ferry from there. The drive is pretty grim though; the east of Scotland is very different to the Highlands elsewhere.

Just how long will you be in Scotland? Whichever way you go, transit from Edinburgh to the Shetlands is a pretty big trip.

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Well, there is a ferry on the TV series Shetland........

If you haven't watched it (on Netflix) be prepared for some amazing scenery and some interesting mysteries.

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I went to Jarlshof ten years ago and it was terrific. We came and went by cruise ship. I think flying is the only realistic way to get to Lerwick from Edinburgh.

The TV series was excellent, really portrays what the islands look like plus good stories and characters. There was a murder on an overnight ferry from Aberdeen. Takes too long even if you're not worried about the murder part.

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There are ferries from Kirkwall and Aberdeen. The Aberdeen one is the main one and over night.

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It is the Shetland Islands (plural). Multiple Islands, with ferries between the as well as from Aberdeen to the capital Lerwick, which is on the main island, called (logically) "mainland". There are direct flights from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Wow - how did I miss this thread. You can pm me if you want with your email. Easier to get it all down for you.

I went in 2010. Yes there is a ferry..... Called northlinks. It was quite fun for me. We flew from OK to Newark then to Birmingham, uk, then to Aberdeen to catch the ferry. It leaves at 7pm and arrives in Lerwick at 7am. We got a sleeping berth or you can purchase a non-sleeping berth at a cheaper price.

Or you can fly in a small plane to Sumburgh airport at the southern tip (by Jarlsholf).

It was a fantastic trip. My ancestors (2nd great grandfather came from Shetland to the States).


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Netflix has the Shetland series. I started to watch last week, and I'm thinking we will have to go there on our next trip home.

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Agree about the series - Shetland islands were never on my radar but the series has put them there. The novels that the series are based on are good as well.
This is one of the series I use closed captioning on!! Vera ,DCI Banks and Gently as well. Wonder if Brits use closed captions for Law and Order