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Senior Discounts

Do seniors from other countries need a special ID for discounted admissions, or will your passport suffice? It appears you need to purchase a special ID for discounted train tickets, but I was wondering if something more specific will be required for other admissions when a senior discount is indicated (Edinburgh or Stirling castles for example).

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In 2016, my sister and brother-in-law used senior discounts in England. (and maybe Scotland but I wasn't there when they paid for their tickets.) She did not have any special ID. I do think she had to show ID, but used either her passport or drivers license. I think as long as you have an ID with a photo of you, you will be fine. I ordered their tickets to Stonehenge online and they got a senior discount on those. I don't remember if they were required to show ID when we arrived or not. I just know they got the discount and did not have any special ID.

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You can ask and they will tell if it is available and what proof is needed. Spain has been the only country that seems to give a senior discount to everyone with age proof. In many other countries it is only EU members.

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Spain has been the only country that seems to give a senior discount to everyone with age proof.

The Nordic countries (Finland and Norway in my experience) seem to offer senior train travel discounts to anyone meeting the age requirements. Note that "senior" can be something other than 65 with Norway's being 67.

If you are 67 years or older, on disability, blind, or visually
impaired, you are entitled to a 50 percent discount on regular adult
tickets. To get this discount, you must carry ID.
Married couples or registered partners (but not live-in partners) are
both granted a 50 percent fare reduction provided they travel together
and one of them meets the requirements for the senior-citizen

Bottom line is you have to check the country specific or train system rules.

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Edinburgh Castle has concessions for 60+ and I just asked “one admission please with concession”. No proof of age was requested. But you may have a more youthful appearance than I. 🙂 Passport or drivers license have worked for me if requested, but no need to offer them.

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In the example of Edinburgh Castle, age-based discounts should only require proof of age. When concessions are limited to residents, they often say so, or it's for something a little harder to prove, like the "unemployed" concession that would be proven with a national certification.

Sightseeing discounts are not particularly tied to the same rules as railway discounts. Most countries' age-based railway discounts are available to all nationalities, but some also require purchase of a discount card, so it's not automatic.

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I have gotten "concession" discounts for admissions all over the UK and have never been asked for ID.

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First time we visited Edinburgh (2017) we were a pair of graying 53 year olds.

At almost every store, we were bestowed ‘The Pensioners Discount’ without even asking for it.
Finally, at M&S Food one evening, I asked the cashier what that discount is and she said it is for anyone over 54 years old.
I started to say “But I’m not 54!” When my husband slapped his hand over my mouth and said Great! Thanks! Have a good night! And escorted me away from the cash registers, leaving the cashiers laughing at us.
We got the discount nearly every place we went all over the country; no one ever questioned us for ID. Maybe they assumed US citizens get that discount too?
Guess it depends on how old you appear? I don’t know. We seem to always get the discount without having to ask for it.

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On our trip from Spain to Amsterdam last month, several venues gave me the sr. discount. I believe one or two venues asked for an ID. I provided my passport. The rest just gave me the discount no proof of age requested although I always had it out and ready. Our train transportation, I booked online and sr. discounts were available on all regional lines, the conductor never as for proof of age when he scanned my ticket.

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Folks, you have this all wrong. You WANT to be asked to prove you are a senior. It feels so good.

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Interesting! I'm not aware that M&S offer any kind of age related discounts.

For entry to attractions like castles, just ask if there's a concession for older people. If there is then you might be asked to prove your age.

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Folks, you have this all wrong. You WANT to be asked to prove you are a senior. It feels so good.

Especially from my bar tender!

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I never got asked while in Scotland. They just gave me the discount. I guess I should be depressed about that.*

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Did you receive an answer for your question? As a courtesy, rounding back to make sure you received the information you were seeking.

Wishing you a lovely travel experience!

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I received LOTS of answers ;-) Sounds like I'll just need my passport. Trip is 2 months away, so will report back if otherwise. Thanks all.