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Seeking Scottish Heritage

I'm Scottish on my mother's side. I've done the genealogy, but it basically just gives the blood line...not much on where ancestors actually lived. We're visiting Scotland Spring 2018 for 16 days. Does anyone have any suggestions on self-guided itineraries on how best to trace one's heritage in terms of actual towns and villages where one's ancestors may have lived and worked?

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If you plan to be in Edinburgh for a few days, get in touch with Register House.
It holds every document relating to Scottish births, deaths, marriages, wills, etc. to quite a long way back.
You can book a whole day there for a small price, and you have your own computer on which to look things up.
you just need a few names and dates to get started with, and you can print things and info. too.
I did it a few years ago, and it was a worthwhile day.

Then look under "visit us."
Then you can go off and look at villages and towns once you know a bit more.

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Thanks for those two links. I have Scottish ancestors also and will be there in April 2018.

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Some of the most interesting information I found was buried in the census records. Pretty grim life for my relatives.

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It is probably best to do the investigation well before hand and build up from there. Find the county names and you can then build on the current council areas.

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Do you have Highland Games anywhere near you? There might be Scottish organizations that could guide you. (In SF there's the Caledonian Club)