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Secret Scotland

I'm wondering if anyone has purchased and used the Secret Scotland website itineraries. They provide very detailed itineraries and it appears to be a good option. I'm starting the planning process and looking to make the process easier. If you did use them, what was your experience? Thank you!

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My husband and I used their two-week itinerary in 2010. Yes, quite a few years ago, but I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. I highly recommend them. The information they provide is thorough and, as you noted, very detailed. It gave us an excellent foundation to plan a great trip. They were very easy to communicate with and answered all of our questions quickly. Super nice people.

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Absolutely! Used their suggested itin last year and then got a few more suggestions directly from them. They offer a great many interesting ideas that the average tourist isn't going to see. I highly recommend if you are doing a self driving tour like we did.

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We haven't used Secret Scotland, but did have Kathi of "Watch me See" fine tune our 6 week itinerary for our trip last year. Besides one on one consultations, she has preplanned trips available for download onlne. Highly recommend her services. Tons of free information on her website.

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I had them do a custom itinerary for me, and it was great, I only got lost a couple times trying to navigate in a town, but that’s because I get left and right mixed up.

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We used them a few years ago and were delighted by the detail. Saw many sites we would have bypassed without the inside knowledge.

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I've never used them having no need but friends of mine who run a B&B are listed with them.

Planning an itinerary is daunting and I understand Secret Scotland can help a great deal where this is concerned. They do try to point travellers towards places off the beaten path and away from the usual tourist honey pots, give lots of useful information and work hard to keep their guides up to date.

From what my friends have said Secret Scotland were experiencing problems where their accommodation list is concerned because the whole industry is in flux and they were considering not listing places to stay in the future. Perhaps by now they have sorted matters out.

The Covid-19 lockdowns meant some smaller accommodation providers run by retirees (like my friends) simply never re-opened and others will not be applying for the short term rental licenses being brought in by the Holyrood government. I would not be surprised if a countrywide shortage of tourist accommodation is the now the result.