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Scottish Music and Dance Show WITHOUT Dinner?

I'll be in Edinburgh and Glasgow in early June and would like to go to a traditional Scottish music and dance show. Problem is, I DO NOT want to eat dinner there (mainly because of Covid -- I'm not eating indoors anywhere if possible). It seems like all of the shows include dinner, with no option to book only the show without the food. Am I missing something? Is there a place where I can see a music and dance show without eating (or paying for food I won't eat)?

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Do you want to be outside? (You don’t catch COVID from dinner you catch it from people regardless of whether they are near to you eating or near to you listening).

Also do you mean the pipes? If so you definitely don’t want to be inside.

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I don't mind being outside. I just don't want to be inside, unmasked with a bunch of other people if I can help it. Hence, I don't want to eat inside.

Yes, I'd like to hear bagpipes and other Scottish music.

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Hi, TravelMom! I have no answer for your question but I am going to be in Scotland in July - right after you!

Since we are TravelMom and Travelmom (and there’s also a Travelingmom) I am thinking about changing my user name to TXTravelmom. You could be CATravelMom. Lol! What do you think? 🤣 Maybe people could tell us apart…..

I will also be interested to see what you find. I admit I haven’t researched thoroughly, but I haven’t come across any shows like this.

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Can you wear a mask and sit as far back as possible in the room? Or, am I missing something?

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I think people clapping and shouting is more infectious than eating. It's the guy sitting next to you telling you about his wonderful grandkids, shouting to be heard over the music that will get you. My wife and I will be at a Guillie Dhu in June and have no plan on losing our distinction of never having been infected. If most of our airline bookings weren't non-cancellable, we'd probably have canceled the whole trip. We will be wearing N95s whenever we don't have a fork or pint within a few inches of our mouth.

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On my first visit to Scotland with my sister in the late 70s we saw Scottish Country Dancing in Princes Street Gardens. And Lo and Behold it still happens. Check out this.