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Scottish Grand Tour rail pass ---need reserved seats??

We will be traveling through the Highlands in May (11 to 14) on Scottish Grand Tour rail passes. Scotrail literature notes that reservations are not required with these passes. My question is this-----as a practical matter should we get reservations anyway ie what are the chances that we will spend much of our time standing rather than sitting. Thanks for any help.

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You are unlikely to have to stand, and if you do, it's unlikely to be for long. The only time I've ever stood a whole journey, it was the Sunday afternoon Glasgow- Aberdeen train the Sunday before Christmas (and I was visibly a student - bottom of the list for a seat!). The bigger risk is ending up sitting separately - but people may be willing to swap seats.

I would recommend reserving seats if you get the chance- but don't worry about it. That said, I recently tried to reserve a seat for an upcoming train and was told scotrail couldn't currently offer reservations- so no idea what's going on there!