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Scotrail to/from Oban - luggage

In June a group of 4 of us will be taking a tour of Scotland that ends in Edinburgh. From there we plan to head to Oban for a few days then fly home from Glasgow. Two of our group are concerned about taking the train for this side trip. The main concern is they travel with CPAP machines and don't think they can downsize to carryon only. I'm trying to relieve their worry about taking luggage on the train - mainly storage availability and accessibility in the train car. I don't think it's a problem with 4 of us to help each other but can't find out much detail about the cars to make the case. I'm assuming each car has a communal luggage rack for large pieces and overhead racks for carryon. If you have experience of the Scotrail trains that run Edinburgh to Oban, then Oban to Glasgow, please help.

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It shouldn't be a problem. I've never been on a train in the UK that didn't have both overhead storage and an area for larger cases. The ScotRail website says "You can carry up to three pieces of personal luggage for free. That’s two large items – a suitcase or rucksack, for example – plus one item of hand luggage." For more info, see their site at: .

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That is correct, that there are luggage stowage racks for large items and overhead stowage of carry on. But the Glasgow to Oban trains are now also designated as "Highland Explorer" trains.
That means they have an extra carriage for the conveyance primarily of up to 20 cycles and their riders. Effectively that provides extra room. So if that was not full (which is pretty unlikely in June) you may well be able to move into there. There are always staff on duty at Edinburgh Waverley, Glasgow Queen Street and Oban who will give you luggage assistance if needed. All are terminal stations so there is no time pressure.
You can always ask at the ticket barrier if they can give you priority boarding if you think that would be helpful. I have seen that done quite often, especially at Queen Street.
If you think you might need it you can pre book Assistance- see this link-

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I have a disabled friend who regularly uses prebooked assistance and says it is wonderful. They help her on and off the train and help with any luggage. It is definitely worth contacting them in advance.

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Thank you all. With your help I've talked my friends off the cliff on this. I can stop researching train alternatives ( all expensive) and go back to planning my carryon only packing.