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ScotRail: 7 tickets left on journey

Hi all,

We would like to go to St. Andrews for a day while visiting Scotland in July. On the day we would like to go, the off-peak return tickets that are at the times we would are interested in have a note. One time says "Only 7 left" and the other time says "limited availability".

I believe that in talking about using the trains, people on this board (maybe it was TripAdvisor) said we can always walk up to the train station and buy off-peak train tickets. However from what I am reading, if I want to go on a specific day and time, I should buy these now.

Please advise!

Thank you!

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I think those notes refer to availability of tickets at the specific prices you are seeing. When those tickets are gone, the remaining tickets will be more expensive--possibly a lot more expensive.

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Anytime tickets – travel anytime, buy today or buy on the day, same price, never sell out.

Off-Peak tickets – travel on any off-peak time train, buy today or buy on the day, same price, never sell out.

Advance tickets – must travel on booked train, must buy at least the day before travel, limited availability and do sell out.

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The bus is also quite convenient between Edinburgh and St. Andrews. That is how I went for a day trip and it couldn't have been easier.

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Carol, did you catch it from Waverly? How long did it take you? Pretty drive?