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Scotland vs Ireland vs England for a multi-generational trip

My mother-in-law is turning 75 next summer. She has never been to Europe and we would like to take her for a birthday surprise. She says her ancestors are from England, Scotland, and Ireland and if she could go anywhere in Europe, that's where she would want to go. Unfortunately, that's as specific as she got. So...please help! If you had to pick one of those 3 places for a 7-10 day trip, which would it be? We will have 8 travelers. Besides my MIL, it will be 4 adults in their 40's, 2 teenage girls, and an 8-year-old boy. I will post this question in the England and Ireland forums as well. The adults in the group will want to see history, natural beauty and maybe some hikes, but we would to incorporate some fun stops keep the teens and 8 year old happy as well.

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take her for a birthday surprise.

You have the passport issue covered?

Does your husband not have knowledge of the 'primary' heritage to help narrow down the search?

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Go to Scotland.

Start in Inverness and work your way along the canal to Fort William. Stop in Dromnadrochit and see the Loch Ness Museums (incredibly tourist traps, but fun). Stop in Fort Augustus and take a boat trip on Loch Ness.

Take the "Harry Potter" train from Fort William to Mallaig and back (not much to see in Mallaig IMO). If you have more time, go to Oban and take some boat trips to nearby islands.

If you feel up to it you can drive, but if not there are buses all the way.