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Scotland Trip Sept 2019

Please review our itinerary. We are retired 60+ who like to be away 2 weeks max, but if need to add few days, no problem. Traveling September 2019. What I have so far.

Day 1 Arrival Edinburgh
Day 2 Edinburgh
Day 3 Edinburgh
Day 4 Pick car at airport, drive to St. Andrews (possible stop Culross enroute)
Day 5 St. Andrews, East Neuk area
Day 6 Pitlochry, Edudrador Distillery (Glamis Castle enroute)
Day 7 Skye (Eilean Donan Castle enroute) via Bridge to Skye
Day 8 Skye
Day 9 Skye
Day 10 Ferry Armdale-Malliag to Oban (Glencoe/Glen Evite, Castle Stalker enroute)
Day 11 Oban (Ferry to Mull-Iona-Staffa)
Day 12 Stirling Castle (Doune Castle enroute) to Glasgow (return car)
Day 13 Glasgow
Day 14 Glasgow
Day 15 Departure (either Glasgow Airport or Edinburgh Airport - best deal)

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Days 4,5 and 6 look crowded to me. Are you driving to Pitlochry on day 5? That is when you would want to check out Glamis, which is an amazing castle. Trying to fit East Neuk into that day sounds difficult to me. I would skip Culross and travel via East Neuk to St. Andrew's. If you push it you'll arrive early enough to check out the castle at St. Andrew's and have a wander. I would head straight to Glamis, the next day.


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Almost what we did this past summer for our 13 nights in Scotland although we skipped St. Andrews and Glasgow.

Highly recommend the West Coast three island trip to Iona and Staffa from Oban. A highlight of our trip and hoping you get the amazing perfect weather we had!
You might consider booking the ferry from Armdale-Malliag in advance. I know in summer it can sell out, not sure about September. We were there in July and booked it in advance and were glad we did.

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Hello and thanks for your replies.
Andrew.reis: Regarding rental, I’ve read not to have car in Edinburgh or Glasgow, and there is no drop-off fee to return to different airport from pickup. (Might have to check on that.)
Pamela: Day 4 & 5 is St. Andrews and East Neuk only. Day 6, we will head towards Pitlochry. Think we might skip Culross.
Diveloonie: Will get the ferry booked…thank you!
Any other advice will be appreciated!!