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Scotland to Normandy

My husband and I are planning a trip to Scotland with friends who have traveled there several times. We would also like to visit Normandy. Any ideas/ helpful hints are welcomed!

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Looks like there are five flight from Edinburgh to Paris. Then you can either take the train of drive to Bayeux or Caen, two of the most common towns travelers stay in when traveling around Normandy.

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Also several flights from Glasgow to Paris -- since it's so easy getting between Glasgow and Edinburgh, just look which flights suit you best and then pick which city to fly from (also considering your Scottish itinerary).

Another option is Edinburgh or Glasgow to London by train, then Eurostar London to Paris, then Paris to Caen or Bayeux or wherever. I don't know if you could do all three segments in one day. I've done Paris-London-Glasgow in a day - the third segment might be a bridge too far, but check out the train schedules if that interests. Sometimes you have to change stations in London. And you definitely have to change stations in Paris. Which is pretty much why we're recommending a flight!!