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Scotland shoe choices--Help!

I am leaving for Scotland in just two days and I am having the hardest time figuring out what to take for my second pair of shoes. (I know, I needed to figure this out sooner, but life got in the way.) I am a little desperate and need someone who has been to Scotland in April to help me out!

I am taking my Keen Terradora shoes for my main shoes. They are waterproof and broken in and did great as I trekked around D.C. just last month. I am planning to wear the Keens for the majority of the trip.

The second pair needs to be one of these three:

  1. Ugg Cas slip ons. These are my preferred choice because they are more chic and can be dressed up or down. They are broken in, but a small bit of the foot would be exposed (Scotland weather), and I've never worn them for miles of continuous walking as a tourist. (Again, planning on the Keens for major use but I feel like I probably need to take something else that I could walk miles in, if needed.)

  2. Blondo waterproof ankle boots. These come up on A LOT of lists for recommended ankle boots for travel, but I don't find them comfortable enough to count on wearing them for miles of walking. Dinner--yes. Walking miles--no. Also, they only match one pair of pants I am taking.

  3. Asics sneakers. Very comfortable and supportive, not waterproof, and not particularly attractive, but they are a safe alternative to the Keens (sans waterproof). If I took these, I would have to throw a pair of black ballet flats into my suitcase.

Needing input ASAP--please and thank you!!

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Why not just the Keens and the ballet flats???? We were in Scotland in the summer and went to the British Open at St. Andrews and, for me, it was too chilly and damp to ever have any part of my feet exposed!!!

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I know what you mean about the Blondos - I have them too and feel the same way about them. I’d go with the Uggs - more versatile than the other choices.

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I’d go for the Asics since it seems they are the most comfortable.

Why would you need ballet flats? You could likely dine anywhere with either one of your choices.

I’m in the Netherlands right now so not the same as in Scotland but it’s been quite chilly. It looks like it’s 37F this morning in Edinburgh. Probably windier and chillier if you’re out from the city.

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Whichever you choose, FWIW I always travel with a little pair of comfy slippers to put on in the hotel room. With tired feet it feels great to get out of the outdoor footwear and still have something more than socks on.