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Scotland in late October

I have read all the info about clothes and packing but they seem to be for summer travel and rather broad and vague. We will be in the Scottish Highlands with a car. We are more inclined to saunter than to actually hike. What should we take to walk in the villages and take some longer walks to waterfalls and scenic views. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Layers! That is what makes it work. We've been in the Scottish Highlands in December snow and did fine, though we use the trains and occasional bus. I take the following: 3-4 pair pants (I can't wear wool and am rather hot natured, so I take cotton blend kahki type pants- 2 black, 2 khaki or dark blue or grey). 3 long sleeve Ts or turtleneck shirts. 1-2 short sleeve Ts. 1-2 'big shirts'- cotton button up shirt that works a bit like a blazer- or a button up cardigans (or sub 1 fleece for one cardigan if you want). All these mix and match. Good waterproof coat (I prefer longish with a hood and removable liner). Hooded scarf (or scarf and hat), gloves. Several pair comfortable socks (I usually take 7 -9 pair). 4 bras, 7-9 pair undies. 1-2 scarves to dress up shirts if desired. I wear waterproof black walking shoes and take extra inner soles to change out if needed. All this with toiletries, meds, first aid stuff, sewing kit, etc. ... and electronics will fit in Rick's old (20+ years old) convertible bag and weigh about 15-20 lbs. This list includes what I wear on the plane. Hubby gets by with a bit less and his bag usually weighs between 10-12 lbs.

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Think about adding a pair of rain pants to your list. I know that you're talking about short walks, but I find that they make an amazing difference. Also, I would suggest thinking about some walking boots, or at least do waterproof your shoes. I find that many of the trails in Scotland can be wet and rocky, even the short bits, and some good water proof walking boots make your feet much happier. Have an alternate pair for city and town walking--but spray them too! Also, there are some lovely sweaters for sale in Scotland, so if you're thinking of that as possible purchase, it could be one of your layers.