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Scotland in June - are short sleeve tops needed

We'll be in Scotland for about 2 weeks - Glasgow, Inverness, Oban and Edinburgh. I think I've got cold/wet/windy weather covered but do I need to plan for possible warmer days? I'll be flying with a short sleeve top and long pants (it will be hot at home and in Atlanta going). I'm thinking maybe one other short sleeve. Is that enough? I'm doing carryon only and plan to do some sink washing?

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You can find actual, historical, day-by-day temperatures for most tourist destinations on the website I recommend that you look at data for recent Junes to see how hot it might possibly get. I think the west (Glasgow and Oban) is generally a bit warmer than the east, as well as wetter. Nighttime lows may well be in the 40sF or even the 30s, so you're more likely to need a fleece or sweater (and a waterproof jacket) than short sleeves.

Glasgow June 2022
Glasgow June 2021
Glasgow June 2020
Glasgow June 2019
Glasgow June 2018

Oban June 2022 -- most data missing
Oban June 2021 -- no data available
Oban June 2020
Oban June 2019
[Oban June 2018 -- no data available

In case you want to check your other destinations, here are links for June 2022. Use the pull-down box to access data for June of prior years.

Inverness June 2022

Edinburgh June 2022

There's a difference between needing a short-sleeved top (because you're just too hot in long sleeves) and encountering weather for which a short-sleeved top would be suitable (but long sleeves also would be comfortable). I rather doubt that you'll need short sleeves. Edinburgh was unseasonably warm (per the locals) when I was there in July 2019. Timeanddate tells me the high temperature only hit 80F (it got to 84) one day that month. Edinburgh's highest June temperature that year was 72F.

In summary, odds are that you won't need--or perhaps even be comfortable using--the top you wear on the plane.

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There are laundromats over there. One in Inverness is located across the street from the Tesco Superstore; New City Laundrette. You can park in the Tesco lot for free, up to two hours if you are driving.

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I have frequently worn shorts and vest tops in Scotland in June. I have probably worn these more than a waterproof coat, but it’s as well to be prepared, but I would never travel with just a carryon bag. Life’s too short to spend half the holiday washing.

It is usually cooler in the evenings.

Average weather stats are rather irrelevant these days, as we never get “average” days any more.

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I just looked back to see what my packing list was for Scotland June 2018. I packed 5 SS Tee shirts, 1 LS tee shirt, 1 LS quarter zip, 2 cardigans. I'd not pack 2 cardies again as they are just too bulky. I prefer to have a SS shirt on as a base layer and a long sleeve "topper" - cardie or quarter zip over it. I am pretty cold tolerant.

I'm going to do a tour with a former RS tour guide in Northern England in May. I'll take 4 SS tee shirts, 2 LS quarter zips, 1 Eddie Bauer LS Sunshirt. At the last minute I'll evaluate the weather in mid-April when I leave and will add a LS Tee shirt if I need to.

I think 2 SS tee shirts sounds good as long as you've got a LS topper of some kind to give you some flex.

I did 2 RS tours back to back that year so here is the link with my capsule wardrobe:

Here is the link to the Scotland portion with my experience with the weather that year:

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Thanx for the help. I'm sure I'll keep tweeking the packing list up until the day before departure especially once the 10 day forecasts are available near our arrival date. I do plan to bring a fleece 1/4 zip or hooded fleece jacket to go over any of the tops. Plus a hooded rain jacket. Have had the same experience as some with rain ponchos on our one visit to Edinburgh and northern England. Worthless.

I don't normally do carryon only packing as our tours are with Tauck who handles all the bags on tour. As to why carryon only this time - in part its due to the sheer volume of lost luggage last year. But mostly it's because the second half of our time in Scotland we'll be on our own taking the train from Edinburgh to Oban, then Oban back to Glasgow. Last fall I had to handle my regular luggage taking the train from Madrid to Barcelona, the metro in Barcelona to the hotel then walking up to catch the Aerobus to the airport rolling the bag on a very bumpy surface. I'll put up with sink washing a few things over that anytime. I mostly pack items that sink wash and dry easily so it really isn't a big deal.

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Pack one that will dry quickly when washed and plan to buy one or more additional souvenir t-shirts if needed.

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I don't think a 10-day weather forecast in Scotland is worth even glancing at. The weather's just too changeable for that. That's why I look at the real-world stats from multiple prior years--much more reliable in revealing the universe of possibilities.

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in part its due to the sheer volume of lost luggage last year.

I think this is wise. I’m sure we all hope things are better this summer but I think it’s better to plan that it won’t be.

Also managing on the train is a critical piece as well.

BTW, I sink wash using a 2-gal ziplock reinforced on the sides with mailing tape. That way my clothes don’t actually touch the sink and I can “put in a wash” lol, before dinner, set it in the shower to soak and still access the basin.

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I live on the Isle of Skye and do sometimes wear t shirts in June! The weather is unpredictable so layers is probably the way to go. I'd bring a couple of short sleeved shirts, but also a lightweight fleece to wear over the top.

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As others have said, there is no predicting the weather these days.
I would bring a couple of short sleeved t-shirts.
You can use them as an extra layer if it gets cold.

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We have traipsed around the highlands in June multiple times and have NEVER encountered a hot day there. Once it was warm enough at Urquhart Castle that short sleeves felt OK, although not necessary. You can buy another t-shirt if you need one while there.

Regarding laundry - save your "past its prime" socks and underwear for your trip - wear and then throw away. Since the climate in Scotland isn't sweaty, you can probably skip laundering outer clothes - pack a TIDE pen for the inevitable spots.

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My husband has recently started taking activewear short sleeve T shirts on our travels. They are very lightweight (weigh much less than cotton and pack down much smaller), wash and dry very quickly, wick sweat, costs much less than merino and double duty as pyjama and fitness room tops. We wouldn't go back to taking cotton SS tops.

Regarding laundry - save your "past its prime" socks and underwear for your trip - wear and then throw away

We had 'sacrificial' plane clothes on our last trip when we had 36 hours travelling time from Australia to Norway. Threw one lot of socks, underwear, T shirt out in Tokyo airport and the next lot in Lillehammer. Felt so nice to finally arrive and not have two days worth of washing already. We will be doing the same thing on our next trip.