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Scotland hotels on tour - coffee/tea making capabilities in the hotel room?

We just returned from best of South Italy tour, and we were disappointed that only 1 of the 6 hotels had a kettle/coffee maker in the room. We like to have a cup of coffee before going down to breakfast...because of the hectic pace of the breakfasts, luggage out to bus, etc. Do you remember if the 6 hotels on the Scotland tour offer this?

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Although I don't know which six hotels you are staying in, I have yet to see a room in the UK not have at least a kettle. They usually supply tea and instant coffee.

Do you know the hotels for your tour?
They change depending on the departure day.

Once you have your hotel list, you can look up to see what your hotels have.

Or, you could do what I do and that is to pack an immersion heater, cup and coffee for yourself. You could get these type of coffee filters and fresh coffee and not have to drink instant.

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It is almost certain you will have a kettle and sachets of tea bags and instant coffee in your rooms in Scotland, plus little pots of some kind of long life milk. A kettle is as natural as breathing here in the UK. Literally I have only ever stayed in two hotels without one in the room: one was a super-luxurious hotel in London where the only option was room service; the other was a Premier Inn Hub (where there’s free coffee in reception.)

I’ve travelled a lot for work staying in British hotels all around the country four or five nights a week for three years. I never not had a kettle in those years. As I hate instant coffee, I would either buy individual coffee filters (available in most supermarkets) or more recently Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee bags. If you squeeze them hard enough and leave them in the mug long enough, you get a decent cup of coffee.

You are unlikely to have a coffee maker but it’s 99% likely that a hotel in Britain will have a kettle. There’d be riots if people couldn’t make a cuppa.

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If there isn’t tea and coffee making in the room for some reason call reception and they will bring it up. I have been to a couple of hotels in London which don’t put it in the room routinely, maybe because a lot of people don’t use it. However, I’d be surprised if this was the case in Scotland.

It will be a kettle. You generally only get a coffee maker (usually Nespresso) in fancy or boutique hotels. I think Premier Inn plus has then as well

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I was in Scotland for 3 weeks this year, and stayed at nine different lodgings and every single one had an electric kettle and a variety of instant coffee and tea packets to choose from. They all offered milk as well but some did not keep it in the room. Some places even had a few snacks there as well.

As others have said, I would be VERY surprised if the Scottish hotels on your tour did not provide this.

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My experience was the same as Mardee's. I stayed at a variety of hotel types, B&Bs, guesthouses, inns, etc. Every one, without exception, had all the amenities necessary for morning coffee, though it was typically instant. Hot water kettle, not a coffee maker.

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Tea and coffee making facilities are effectively guaranteed in either a B&B or hotel in the UK. It is something British and Irish travellers complain bitterly about else where they are missing, including in reviews for the hotels at Disneyland Paris.

The standard is a kettle, cups, tea bags, instant coffee, UHT milk (yuk but works in tea and coffee), and probably some shortbread or a McVities biscuit. It is considered a given not a luxury in this country.

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It only seems to be the really expensive hotlels that don't have tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms. They offer room service tea and coffee instead!