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Scotland Highlands Whisky Tour?

Has anyone tried to do a Scotland Highland Whisky tour?
The time frame is flexible with three or four days stay.
The area is East/South of Inverness, around where "The Macallans" whisky distillery is.
(We have done the Australia Barossa Wine region and California Napa Wine region which I could give an excellent tours of.)
My wife and I would like to have a place where we can cook, have access to Public Transit...
whisky and driving a car is not a good mix.
Does anyone have thoughts about this?

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If you want to travel to the Spey distilleries an have public transit I think you're going to be on buses. Here's the link to the Visit Scotland Malt Whisky Trail.

It might be a better strategy to go to some place like Islay and just stay on the Island and visit the distilleries there.

Also, if you are interested in whisky, look into getting Iain Banks book, Raw Spirit, The Search for the Perfect Dram. It's a great book about whisky and driving in Scotland.


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There are quite a few taxi companies that operate day whisky tours (especially in the Spey River area). Simply do an internet search on the area you are interested in and add whisky taxi to the area, city or village - ex. Speyside whisky taxi, or Aviemore whisky taxi. You can also do your own research and plan your own tour. As Pam already said, the Speyside area has lots of distilleries (and is my personal favorite area for whisky). We have used both trains and buses out of Aviemore to tour several excellent distilleries (Dahlwhinnie, Strathislay, and others). The area around Dufftown and Cambeltown is also home to quite a few distilleries, too. Or - just tour one distillery and then ask a barman in a good pub to do a whisky tasting for you! That way you can compare and contrast several excellent single malts. We did that once, and got an excellent education (a good barman will do more than tell you the names of the whiskies and where they are from-- he will teach you about the subtleties of good Scotch!!!)

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While not a driving around whiskey tour, the Edinburgh Scottish Whiskey Experience is worth consideration:

We enjoyed visiting the Glengoyne distillery while walking from Milengavie to Dryman. We could see the distillery from the path and a couple of Brits rejoining the walking path after visiting the distillery said the detour was worthwhile. They were right. We sampled a 10(?), 17 & 21 year aged whiskey. Older is definitely better. I have miniatures of the 17 & 21 Glengoynes on my shelf of souvenir alcohol bottles.