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Scotland from the Roadside Facebook Group

I know, I know a Facebook Group, am I crazy? But this group just posts picture, after picture of beautiful pictures of Scotland. Lately, it's been full of pictures of the Northern Lights over various parts of Scotland. They are stunning. Some of the posters are professional photographers, but others are just people who love Scotland.

This link is to Facebook, so bear that in mind. But if you are on Facebook I think you'll find this group to be a welcome addition to your Facebook feed. It regularly cheers my day and helps me think about planning my next trip to Scotland.

What say you? :)


(I am sorry for those of you not on Facebook. You can always browse Undiscovered Scotland. )

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For those of you who are interested in the Northern Lights and also on Facebook, may I also suggest having a look at The Glendale Skye Aurora page. Andy Stables is an amateur aurora watcher who has become something of a celebrity in these parts because of his amazing photos of the lights and also because he has written an ap that very accurately (100%) predicts when there will be a 'show'.

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I'm a member of Scotland from the Roadside too, and can attest that it will fill your mind with ideas of travel to Scotland — and highlight little places you probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!! It's wonderful (and frequently very witty!).

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Thanks for posting this. I love groups like this that mostly just post their photos.

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Thank you for the suggestion of the Facebook page!! I am going there now to join. I LOVE the photos I've seen so far from Scotland!!! I hope to take great photos myself when I go in June!!