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My wife and I will be traveling to the UK in September this year. We are flying from the US into Edinburgh and had planned on possibly taking several days and taking a train down toward Hereford and/or Cardiff. Any recommendations on towns or villages along the way that are "must sees", OR would we be better flying from Edinburgh to London and taking the southern English coast towards Cardiff? Really have only 4 full days (not including travel days).

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With only 4 full days I'd stay in Edinburgh and do maybe 1 daytrip from there.

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I'm a little confused - are you flying into Edinburgh and then flying out of Cardiff? If so, why would you fly from the US to Edinburgh and then fly to London (I'm assuming right away)? Why not just fly to London and then go (not sure if you're talking about driving here or taking the train) to Cardiff?

Maybe it's just me, but it would help if you could be more specific about what you want to do, and what you have already booked. Are you only in the UK for a total of 5-6 days? And where do you go from there? Back home (US?)? Or do you have plans to fly someplace else?

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We are leaving 09/01 to UK from US. Planning to travel back on 09/13. We have to be in Hereford for a wedding on 09/09. Trying to squeeze in a little Ireland and Scotland during this trip. No interest in London. Thinking that staying on the western side of England might allow us see a few more sites, etc. we will actually be in Hereford on 09/09 and leave the morning on 09/11.. whichever direction works best to get us back
To where we decide to fly out of. Options are to fly from Nashville or Atlanta to either Dublin or Edinburgh? Flying into London seems cheaper and the train to Hereford is only a couple hours.