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scotland day tours

WE are nervous about driving in Scotland, especially to Skye. Could anyone recommend a one or two day tour company

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Hi MJ and Gary, What makes you nervous about driving on Skye? Is it the right hand drive? I find that driving in the highlands--including Skye--is no where near as nerve racking as driving in the cities of England or even LA. I think after living in NYC for four years, I would pick driving on Skye over driving in NYC any day of the week! LOL. There is much less traffic and you do get used to driving on the left. The biggest challenge for me was the lack of a navigator. I had to plot my trips and still had to pull over from time to time to figure out what was next.

Never the less, if you do want to try a tour there are several companies that offer different types of tours. A lot of people on this forum like Rabbie's Tours. But if you go to Visit Scotland's website you can find a listing of the tour operators. Visit Scotland is the tourist board for Scotland. I find their website to be quite helpful.

The other website I like is Undiscovered Scotland which has this advice on driving in general (with a lovely pix of the Skye Bridge) and this advice on single track roads. Now, I will admit that that is a picture to scare you a bit, but in close to a dozen trips to Scotland, I've never been on that scary a road. I found the scenic route that a friend and I took to see Mount St. Helen's the most terrifying road I've ever been on. I have driven the road in the second picture of Lochinver and it was amazing. And, I think we saw 5-6 cars the entire time we were on that road.

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Here is the website for Rabbies Tours. I haven't used the tour company but I've read many posts on here about how great they are. Good luck!

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Hi .. I used Rabbies for tours two times and really enjoyed both. I also drove on a trip last year with my sister driving and me navigating. Having a car was both nerve wracking and normal. We each had one knee jerk moment of intending to get to the "right" side and thus actually be on the wrong side, but fortunately we didn't have those moments at the same moment(!) so the saner head could prevail.

We used my sister's iPhone5 with GPS app for navigating (the name is eluding me). We also had a paper map. Not really knowing how the GPS app worked on the first day of driving, we set it to avoid highways. Umm .. pros and cons .. LOL .. pros and cons. We didn't drive nearly as far as I assumed we could on the first day, but we sure had a couple fun discoveries. No guarantee that you'll find the same enjoyment, but if you're up for an experience, try that setting ;-)