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Scotland Castle pass

Since Covid it seems that some of the Castles want us to pre-book our tickets. We have been to Scotland before and never did this. We were going to purchase our pass at our first stop like we did last time. Not sure what to do because we are visiting a lot of places and want to take advantage of the discount. Anyone have experience with this?

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I have a spreadsheet (as I do with all things) that shows Historic Scotland saving me about 1/2 on admission fees. I ordered one year passes a few weeks ago and it arrived in a few days. I haven't had to input a membership number in any bookings so far.

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I booked Edinburgh Castle with my Historic Scotland pass for next week and see I will have to do the same for Stirling and others. It's free and convenient so no bother to me for doing so.

It did take 2-3 weeks from purchase to arrival of my passes to Canada though. 1-2 weeks for them to process it and then a week for the mail to arrive. We would have printed off something had it not arrived in time.