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Scotland and the UK--more on Devolution

When I visit a country I really enjoy understanding what is happening today as well as what has happened in history. Last September Scotland voted to stay in the UK and leading up to it, we had a great thread on the topic. After the vote, Cameron resolved to have a command paper done by the end of October, a cross party agreement by St. Andrew's Day and proposed legislation by Burn's Night. Here's the Scotsman's article ahead of Cameron's speech in parliament. And here's a link to the Smith Commission Report. Take a look at it. I skimmed it and was very intrigued.

The whole process is fascinating and impressive as 1. it happened quickly and 2. I can actually understand a lot of what is in the document so they actually use reasonably clear language.

You can tell from the Scotsman commenters that the die hard SNP membership is still unhappy, but it will be interesting to see what the majority of Scots think about all of this. It will be interesting to follow and see what gets adopted and if it makes any changes.

What do you think?


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Sometimes I like wandering through the comments sections on on-line new sources, other times it is scary. But it is always like entering a parallel dimension where the normal rules do not apply!

I have not had a chance to read the actual proposals announced today, so good they got announced three times according to BBC Scotland's Brian Taylor, once by the Prime Minister, once by the Secretary of State for Scotland and once by the Minister of State at the Scotland Office.

For some it will not be far enough, others too far. Well any constitutional change follows the Goldilocks principle. Some people want to return to the position prior to 1999, others nothing short of full independence will not be good enough. What I have heard is somethings I am happy with, somethings not so happy with.

It should also be noted that all this is being done with the next UK general election looming on the horizon in May this year. At the moment the polls suggest the SNP almost sweeping the board, wiping out the Conservatives, and almost wiping out Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Scotland. This is providing the heat source for the rhetoric.

What it also means is the constitutional questions in the UK now turn to England and Wales, with England beginning to debate how it wants to be governed, how extra powers to Scotland might effect that, and of course Wales being like the customer in the diner in 'When Harry Met Sally' and asking if it can have what Scotland is having.

Now off to read the proposals!

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Thanks , Pam . I will read this after dinner .