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Scotland 10 Day - personal outings

Thinking of a September -- Ireland & Scotland back to. Any specific recommendations for free time outings in while in Scotland. By the itinerary does not look like a lot of unplanned time -- would also consider foregoing one or two of the planned events, to venture out on my own. In Ireland day 7 of the 14 day tour is a entire free day, again could stray away from the group at any time with the right persuasion. Reading this --sounds like I should not be going on a group tour, however. I do like the operation -- just want to consider all options. Extended stays prior to, and after tours also worth consideration. Ireland starts in Dublin --ends in Belfast. Scotland is a circle tour -- beginning /ending in Edinburgh. Really do not care to rent a car. Yes I posted similar questions before -- promise this is the last. Thank you.

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I took Scotland tour this past September and Ireland last year. There was more free time in Ireland as that is a longer tour. I loved both tours and would highly recommend either. On the Scotland tour, you do have less free time. I tended to use mine for taking my laundry to be done &/or just walking around. I am an independent traveler who loves Rick's tours because I can do my thing and also chat with folks at meals or on the bus when I so choose and feel like I have someone to share the experience with. Where I found my alone time was for example when visiting Iona. You go there via two ferries, but when you arrive after a short introductory walk you are set free to spend your time as you wish. Another example is when we visited the distillery. I hate the smell of whiskey so I stayed in the ticket/cafe/gift shop center and had a small snack and read after a short walk on the lovely grounds. It was great down time for me. In Aberfeldy, the village is so small the only free time option was walking, but it is such a lovely area I really enjoyed myself. I always come early and stay after my tours, too. This time I had almost 3 days before to go to the Yacht Britannia and a do a day trip with Rabbies to see Melrose Abbey and Rosslyn Chapel. After I took the train to York for 3 days.