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Scenic viewpoints/overlooks along Loch Lomond along A82 travelling northbound by car

Hello there! I see on Google Satellite maps what appear to be little scenic overlook pull-offs that are close to the shore of Loch Lomond off A82. But when I look at street-view from a northbound perspective, I see signs that say "No Entry". Yet I can see cars on these little pull-offs. Are all of these only accessible from the southbound side of A82? Am I allowed to turn right across traffic and pull into these beautiful little tiny roads? Here is an example:,-4.6600989,371m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

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Hi, Adrienne,

Those laybys, or scenic overlooks, are usually one way, because there is not a whole lot of room between the A82 and the loch shore. So when you're seeing a "No Entry" sign, that is the exit. The entrance would be farther up or down the A82. Yes, you can turn right from the northbound lane to enter one of these scenic overlooks, but at the entrance, not the exit. There's usually a sign well before the viewpoint, or a large square blue sign with a white "P" on it, indicating that there is a parking area or viewpoint X number of miles ahead. That gives you plenty of time to signal, slow down, and turn. Just make sure that you signal, or you'll be easily identified as a tourist! :)

Hope that helps.

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thank you, Mike! I was hoping that was the case. I can't wait to drive up from the airport on my way to Ballachulish and pull off onto one of those laybys as a break from driving. :o)

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You can pull off at Duck Bay and have a terrific view of Loch Lomond if you buy a cup of tea in the restaurant; it also has an outdoor dock seating area. Be aware that the Duck Bay restrooms are for customers only.

You can also pull off at the village of Luss. There's pay & display parking by the dock, also public (pay) toilets. And at least one gift shop. You can take a short cruise on the loch if you want: see Cruise Loch Lomond.

Are you headed to Inveraray? There I can recommend Brambles for lodging and daytime food; the George Hotel for dinner & pub. Inverarary Castle is beautiful inside and out. Inveraray also has a TI office and several shops selling traditional Scottish woolens (but check the tags -- some are made elsewhere).

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Thank you for the tips about Luss and Duck Bay, epltd - we will be driving to Ballachulish so won't have a chance to see Inveraray, but it's nice to know about good places to make a quick stop along the way. :o)