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Royal Yacht Britannia

I am thinking of visiting the yacht before my tour starts end of September. For those who have been, do I need to buy tickets in advance? Did you take the bus or just call a cab or Uber? If the latter, do you remember approximately how much it was?

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Many bus lines from the city center go to the pier for the Britannia. Lothian Bus. Very easy to use. I was there in May, and didn’t need an advance ticket.

I loved my visit to the Britannia. There were several men on hand who had worked on the vessel when it was in service, and they were delightful to talk with.

If you can find the BBC documentary “Royal Memories:Prince Charles Tribute to the Queen”, there is a section showing the role the yacht played in the family’s life.

It's been a few years now since I have been to Scotland. My family and I took a public bus out to see Brittania. You can just purchase tickets at the entrance. No need for advance purchase. (I am certain you can get up-to-date info. online nowadays.)
One thing I want to share with you. The bus will leave you in front of a shopping mall. You have to enter the shopping mall and take the escalator upstairs to get to the entrance. Britannia is anchored behind the mall. There's a walkway that leads to Britannia. (It's kind of weird if you are not expecting a shopping mall.)

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For anyone to advise the approximate cost of a cab or Uber, you’ll need to tell us the starting point.

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Thanks, Norma. I don't think I had enough coffee yet this morning. Very important detail. I will be leaving from the Premier Inn, York Place.

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There are numerous buses from near your hotel to Ocean Terminal where Britannia is berthed, so no need to take a taxi. The bus lanes can get you there quicker than cars.

I was there in June and didn’t need advance tickets for Britannia.

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I do usually prefer public transportation, but I like to know my options. I will probably take the bus to the yacht, but at the end of my visit, if my legs/knees are tired I might decide to taxi/Uber back to the hotel. I would appreciate hearing from someone who has used the taxi/Uber option. Thanks, everyone.

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We took the public bus last June from near the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was easy to do and didn't take very long. I would certainly recommend using public transit. There was no line on a weekend in June. It is astoundingly easy to do and very interesting. They now have a tea room! We had lunch on board and enjoyed it.

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I haven't been there yet, so I'll let the locals correct me, but Google Maps is saying the bus stop nearest to the Premier Inn (york Place) is 269 feet from your hotel, Stop YJ on York St. Take Bus #11, which goes directly to Ocean Terminal. Couldn't be easier.
You need exact change for the bus. Enjoy your trip.

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Uber quoted for a a basic Uber at 17.24 on a Friday (rush hour) between £5 to £7. I would expect a normal minicab to be no more than £10.

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I'll just add that the Britannia was my favorite activity/site in Edinburgh last week, really fascinating and the presentation aboard is excellent. I had lunch in the tearoom (which used to be an open deck, I asked) and both the food and the service were excellent. Regarding the comment on entering the Britannia by way of a shopping mall, that threw me as I hadn't read this thread prior to my visit. I had purchased the "Royal Edinburgh" ticket for 48 hours: multiple HOHO buses, the Castle, Britannia, and Holyrood House. So I skipped the short line to purchase tickets for Britannia. The ticket line might be longer in high season, then it could be worth purchasing in advance. Getting around by the HOHO buses was interesting, easy, and best for me.