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Retrieving luggage in Dublin

Flying to Dublin 8/4/22 with connecting flight to Glasgow (Aer Lingus). Will have carry-on size luggage. Should I risk checking bag or carry on for trans-Atlantic portion and check baggage to Glasgow only. Anyone with recent experience? Really don’t want delayed or lost luggage. Thank you.

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I don’t understand - why not do carry-on for the Dublin to Glasgow portion as well?

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Carry-on Baggage - Travel to/from North America

All customers are allowed to travel with a 10kg carry-on bag and a small personal item (handbag or laptop bag).
10kg carry-on bag can be brought on board the aircraft and stored in the overhead locker, subject to availability.
If connecting from our Aer Lingus transatlantic service to our Aer Lingus Regional service, the 7kg carry-on baggage allowance will apply for both parts of the journey.

( You need to scroll down to the baggage rules link to find the above wording. In addition to the lesser weight [ 7kg vs 10kg] the dimensions are smaller)

Looks like you really do not have the option. If your bag exceeds the carry on size for the 2nd flight they do not let you bring it on the 1st flight

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How long is your layover? Even if you can carry on your bag on the first leg, you will have to exit the secure area to check it in for the second leg. And bear in mind that you will go through immigration in Dublin (Ireland and the UK have a common travel area) and will have to stand in line to check the bag and a second line to clear security.

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I would just check it for both flights.

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Got email today from Rick Steves team….sent to all travelers… and they are recommending to NOT check bags, but to carry on if possible. Thanks for all replies. My layover is 3 hours so will go that route.

When I had to get back in to collect my luggage from Ryanair, I had to go to Departures and use the phone to reach Security, and tell them I’d been told to return to collect my luggage. Someone from Ryanair/ServisAir appeared and walked me back to the other side.

I remember being completely off as the whole time it was as though they were doing me a favour even though it wasn’t me who had sent my luggage to Milan, Paris, Stansted and Glasgow instead of directly to Dublin on the same flight I’d taken from Wrocław

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I'm an obsessive carry-on person, but for my SEA-->LHR-->DUB flights this summer on British Airways and Aer Lingus and the one back home, LHR-->SEA on BA, I had decided to check my carry-on so I could take my hiking poles without any TSA hassles. I have rubber tips on them and use them for mobility help and for stability. Ergonomically they work much better for me than a cane.

Silly me. I wish TSA would get its act together and realize that those kind of poles are no more a "weapon" than a regular cane could be.