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Rental Car. Do you need both the LDW & CDW?

I have been reading through all the forums that discuss this very topic but there is no clear answer. Does one need both the LDW and CDW when renting a car in Scotland? I can rent a car for next summer at a pretty reasonable rate with a zero deductible through Auto Europe. When reading the small print it mentioned the LDW. Sort of made me nervous. Sitx for example has all the rates right there but with the LDW the rental is crazy high. Do we really need the LDW or just the CDW? At this time we do not have a credit card that has a program that would cover us. Feedback please. Thanks.

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LDW and CDW are usually different terms for the same coverage. In any event you want to make sure you have coverage for collision, theft, and vandalism whatever terminology is used. In the US your personal insurance calls this comprehensive coverage (better term).

You should get a credit card that offers coverage for free, it's worth it.

Even if you prefer to buy coverage, using an Amex card pre-registered for premium auto insurance coverage for $20 (less for Florida residents) is preferable to buying coverage from the agency. You will have to call and ask for AutoEurope coverage though.

From personal experience, the AutoEurope fine print may conflict with the rental agency fine print where you pick up the car.

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You'll wish I hadn't chimed in, but .... Be aware that many people recommend paying for the most comprehensive coverage (whichever they call it, LDW or CDW) directly from the rental car company instead of relying on a credit card that says you're covered.

With the credit card you could be charged the value of the damage and then have to go through a lot of red tape to get reimbursed. At least that's what I've read. I've never needed to use this coverage so I can't testify personally, but I feel it's worth it to pay for the peace of mind.

More info about renting a car & red tape on this RS page

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Thanks. I figured that when I started doing research. I ended up renting through AutoEurope and ended up with a car from Hertz with full coverage and a zero deductable. I am hoping it all works out. Everything seemed to be included except for a road tax.

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I just bite the bullet and get full coverage from the company. It probably costs more, but in the event of an accident, you are covered for sure. Peace of mind is worth something.

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Ask again what AutoEurope covers. I rented through them and thought I had full coverage only to find when I picked up the car that there was still a big deductible. Look at the contract carefully.


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The webpage "" details the coverage provided at Celtic Legend(through Arnold Clark rentals); insurance IS covered in their basic rental price and there is a 12 pound/day, max.60 pounds/week waiver fee that eliminates the potential 750 pound deductible completely.

Coverage includes wheels, tires, windshields and up to 4 drivers at no additional charge. Unlimited Mileage on all rentals with no distance restrictions, Value Added Tax (VAT) @ 20% INCLUDED & Roadside Recovery.

The charge for a small car starts at 27 pounds/day for 1-5 days(the 6-7 days are free in this scenario) OR 17.29 pounds/day for 7+ days. And there are 6 size/class cars/vans available in automatic for us North Americans.

Not connected with this company in any way, but we plan on using them; I like their philosophy as expressed below.

From their website...
"We do not have a cancellation policy. You pay for your vehicle when you arrive to pick it up and can cancel at any time before that, at no charge. We feel that it is punishment enough if you have to cancel your vacation to our beautiful country, without being charged for a vehicle you do not use or need."

Ooops, sorry islandfam2008; I missed the post where you confirmed you had already booked! Still, I think it's good info for others reading the thread.