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Rental Car advice - into Glasgow out of Edinburgh, 30Jul-12Aug

Hit the wall with extra insurance restrictions renting vehicle in Republic of Ireland, extra steps and insurance required. For Scotland - arriving Glasgow, departing Edinburgh.. hoping for easier insurance issues. Advice? Traveling with husband and adult son for most of trip, adding 4th adult for the last week. Have seen AVIS recommended a couple times on this site - agree? If not, pls recommend another. Many thanks!

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Hi, dgrant,

Insurance for car rental is mandatory in Ireland. In Scotland, I've managed to avoid getting insurance over the years by using my Visa card to pay for the car, and declining all insurance coverage, except for breakdown coverage. Breakdown coverage used to be included in the cost of the rental, but unfortunately, no more.

You have to make sure to decline the coverages on the rental agreement, and check the agreement carefully. Visa will cover any damages to the car, but you have to pay up front and get reimbursed by Visa. They also reimburse any reasonable service charges.

Visa will cover rentals outside the U.S. for up to 31 days. Certain exotic cars are not covered. Coverage is not available in the Republic of Ireland, Israel, and Jamaica.

If you have any damage to the car, make sure to get a copy of the damage report from the rental company, plus an itemized bill. Take your own photographs of the damage. If you have to file a police report, make sure that you keep a copy for your own records.

I've had to get reimbursed for a scratched alloy (hubcap). It took about six weeks, but I got all of my money back, and due to the fluctuations in currency, I actually made a few cents.

I've rented through Avis the last few times in Scotland, and I've always had good customer service from them. Check to see if you're eligible for any AWD discounts (AARP, etc.) The car rental offices are now in a separate building at GLA. When you exit the terminal, turn left.

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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The first time we rented in the UK our car got two separate major scratches on it, while parked, on the first two days. I know this isn't typical -- just bad luck, apparently. The first happened just after we checked into our (very nice) hotel in Newbury, and the second in the Stonehenge car park, both in broad daylight. We were glad we had taken the full insurance coverage because there was absolutely no hassle upon turning in the car. We never even heard a word about it. The rental company was Hertz.