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Recommendations for Supper Reservation before Military Tattoo

We will be on an RS Tour Aug. 11th and have the afternoon/evening to ourselves. We will be checking out the castle and probably wandering around the Royal Mile area. We booked tickets to the Military Tattoo at 9:30 pm. Does anyone have recommendations for a supper spot we could book reservations for? Doesn't have to be fancy but we enjoy good food :)

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A word of warning that during Festivals season in Edinburgh (the Tattoo is just a tiny part of the events taking place) some restaurants stop taking reservations and do walk-ups only.

If you’re looking for some classy casual dining, Howie’s on Victoria Street is always a favourite. This is a beautiful street that leads down from George IV Bridge to Grassmarket. George IV Bridge itself is full of cafes and restaurants, ranging from Vittoria’s on the Bridge (busy local favourite for classic pasta and pizza) to Outsider (a really nice restaurant) and dozens of others besides. Even a Nando’s, if you want fast!

This is all easy walking distance from the castle.

Actually I’ve just taken a look at Howie’s on Victoria Street. They are taking reservations but for 11th August they’ve only got 8pm free which is probably too late for you.

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If you just wanted fish, the Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips was good. It too is on Victoria street, not far from the castle.

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We did this dinner:

It was well worth the cost and includes tickets
The 3 course dinner is at 6:30 pm for the 9:30 pm show. You meet your host at the entrance. You don't have to wait in the line.
The host escorts you to the dining room at the top of castle.
After the special dinner and entertainment and a dram of whisky, you are escorted down the castle through the parade of bagpipers all playing Scotland the brave ( what a memorable experience that was!) to your seats.

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Try Maison Bleue at 36 Victoria St. It is just off George IV Bridge St. which is just off High St. (The Royal Mile) close to the castle. Go to, type in the address, and you'll be able to locate it easily. You can use the street view to "walk" to it before leaving home. You can't miss the blue façade. Dinner reservations are advised. Small place, same ownership for years, and excellent food.

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Maison Bleue is a really good shout. I knew there was another place on Victoria Street that I was thinking of but I couldn’t remember the name. Looks like they have slots available early evening on the 11th at the moment.

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Another good restaurant within walking distance of the castle is Makar’s Mash Bar. Delicious food, nice atmosphere and warm and friendly staff.

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Makar’s Mash Bar and also another local favourite Mum’s Comfort Food are both excellent, and I had thought of mentioning them, but neither of them accept bookings in August because of Festival season. It sounds like the OP would rather have a guaranteed booking. Either one of them would do you a delicious meal but they’re walk-up only in August.

For those not familiar with this aspect of Edinburgh in August, the city is heaving due to the combo of the world’s biggest arts festivals and the Tattoo. Restaurants can be super-busy and some find it just easier to suspend bookings. Here’s what Mums says about its decision not to accept bookings in August:

Please note that MUMS unable to accept reservations during August or on New Years Eve/Day, we do appreciate this can be frustrating, however we felt this was the fairest option for everyone to get a chance to enjoy MUMS, because for those people who are upset that we don’t take reservations, there are an equal number that get upset because we do, (which goes to show you can never win!).

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We had dinner in the castle -- as part of our tickets -- prior to the Tattoo. It was terrific.Especially when they brought in the haggis, which also tasted pretty good. A dram or two of scotch and plenty of wine with dinner put a warm glow on the show -- but not too warm.

The only downside is that our tables was nothing but a bunch of Americans!

If you can swap your tickets for dinner in the castle, do it.

A couple of you mentioned getting the dining package. Are you referring to the one called the Castle Package for around 323 pounds? That is the one I am looking at.

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I’m considering doing this before a RS tour and appreciate the advice to purchase dinner in the castle package as part of the ticket!