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Recent Updates on Isle of Skye Food

Well... I placed this is the Restaurant/Hotel Review section and apparently this was a MAJOR faux pa and irritated some. So, I will ask here for anyone that can assist.

I was asking if there were any newer updates on dining in Skye? We will be in Skye for our 5th anniversary so this is a special time. The places do not have to be $$$$ but would like something a little nicer than a pub. We will be staying near Portree for the most part. We would like to be closer to home, have dinner and settle in for the night. How far in advance am I making reservations? is this your online type process or old school calling? I did get a couple of recommendation but seems like just 1 or 2 places. maybe there are not a lot of dining options in Skye?

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Well I assisted on your other post not finding it to be a faux pas, but I no longer see that post. Did you delete it?

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Yes, I did and thank you! I guess you are not suppose to post there unless you are giving reviews not asking for reviews!!

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We ate at Scorrybreac, which happened to be next to the charming BnB we stayed at: Ben Tianavaig. It was fabulous. Three Chimneys is highly acclaimed (Best Restaurant in Great Britain award), but we opted not to try driving the narrow roads, on the left side at night after wine! If you stay at Ben Tianavaig, ask Charlotte for recommendations.

Actually, all of our meals on Skye were wonderful. The seafood is so fresh and I love lamb, so perfect farm/boat to table location.

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Hi NursCyn -

My wife celebrated her birthday at Three Chimneys and while expensive it was worth every penny, but you need to book months and months in advance. So try now to get in - I’m certain that your special celebration warrants this!

There is accommodation on site if you really want push the boat out. Us, we jumped back into our cars and went back to our £25 a night hostel-cum-bunkbarn! One of the ‘designated drivers’ drove their car into a ditch outside the restaurant (stone cold sober I might add!) and the sous chefs came out and helped get them out again, so we must have tipped well!

Hope you have a great trip - Skye is magical!


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We had a wonderful dinner at the No. 1 Bosville Terrace Restaurant about 18 months ago. We lucked out as we did not have reservations. I don't recall what we ate, but all 4 of us loved the experience.

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I can't help with places in Portree as I live on the other side of the island, but there are a couple of very good places within a taxi ride of Portree and a couple a bit further away.

Within a cab ride of Portree (although it won't be a cheap cab ride!)

  1. The LochBay. This is our favourite place on the entire island and has a Michelin star, but without the fancy service or price tag. Two former fishing cottages right by the sea. Michael Smith is a fantastic chef and creates amazing 3 and 5 course menus using the best local seafood and meat (the 5 course tasting is seafood based but there are meat options on the 3 course). About 22 covers, so book early. They have online reservations.

  2. Edinbane Lodge. A similar standard to Lochbay, although they only offer a 7 or 8 (can't remember) course tasting menu. The building is former hunting lodge. Great food and nice service.

  3. The Ferry Inn at Uig. Better than a pub. Very good food in a nice spot above Uig bay.

A bit further afield/

  1. The Three Chimneys. Used to have a star when Michael Smith was in the kitchen but they lost it when he opened his own place at Lochbay. Very good food. Very expensive rooms (£365 per night) but some B&Bs nearby at cheaper rates.

  2. Kinloch Lodge. Absolutely wonderful place in the south of Skye. Excellent food, service and rooms (not cheap).

Hope this helps
Jacqui (Skyegirl)

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I stayed in Portree last September and enjoyed a delicious meal at the Rosedale Hotel with a view over the harbor. They are advertised as serving "Scottish Tapas." I was there with a friend and we had fun ordering several of the smaller plates so we could share and sample different things instead of just ordering one meal each. I reserved a few weeks ahead of time on the Open Table app and there was already a limited selection of times as it was booking up. It's a small place so I would definitely book ahead if this interests you.

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I second Rosedale Hotel! I would advise going early because as the restaurant filled, the kitchen struggled to fill the orders in a timely manner. I had one tapa I loved so much I tried to order a second but eventually had to have them switch it to a dessert because it took so long. But the food was fabulous and I’d go back in a heartbeat. We had good food in general throughout Scotland!

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On the islands dinner reservations are critical. The alternative is to show up somewhere just before opening time (which is often 5 PM) and hope. It will help a lot if the restaurant doesn't take reservations, or course. Sundays can be dicey because quite a lot of restaurants may be closed, leaving an even lower ratio of restaurant seats to hungry visitors.

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Agreed on reservations. And for any of the places I recommended above you need to be thinking of reserving as soon as possible for a trip this summer.

Jacqui (Skyegirl)