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Rabbi Tours out of Innverness, Scotland

We are are planning on doing the Skye, etc. tour from Innverness. We want to do one more tour and have narrowed it down to Donrobin, Castle, Whisky and Torridon, Applecross, Ellean Donan Castle. Would appreciate input regarding thoughts on each. Liked visiting small villages of Donrobin, but also part of Torridon etc including lunch at small pub.

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Do you mean Rabbie?

Rabbi could be fun too though 😎✡✡✡

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Hi, Fred,

Apparently there are no synagogues in Inverness, or in any part of the Highlands, for that matter.

Are you planning to drive this route, or are you hoping to take a guided tour of the abovementioned sites?

Mike (Auchterless)

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If you've already been to some of the stops on this tour, why do you want to go to them again?

It took me awihle to realize you are talking about one tour. When you wrote "narrowed it down" that usually means two or more tours.

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Rabbi tours in Israel or Brooklyn or Queens, or even Antwerp.

Never heard of a lot of Jewish sites in the highlands of Scotland, but I'm happy to learn. Every day is a school day.....

thanks for being a good sport....

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Fred, notwithstanding all the Jewish jokes above, lol, it sounds like you have a few tours scheduled but want to do one more, starting from Inverness, and you have these two tours in mind: Torridon, Applecross & Eilean Donan Castle - 1 day tour OR Dunrobin Castle & Whisky - 1 day tour

Now, caveat, I have not yet been to Scotland - I leave in 6 days. :) That said, I will tell you just from looking at the descriptions that the first one (Torridon...) looks more appealing to me - it sounds like there is some beautiful scenery involved, and you get to see more places, since some time at the Dunrobin Castle tour will be spend touring the distillery. Just my thoughts - I'm sure the others here who have been to Scotland might have more ideas.

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Sorry I did mean Rabbie’s tours, my bad.
Thanks Mardee. We are thinking the same

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I would do the Torridon etc tour.
I didn't realise this was two different tours.
The reason is that you could not do Torridon etc without a rental car, even if you had several days to do it. And even then, to tackle
Bealach na Bà you need to be reasonably confident on the other side of the road.
Even I would do that tour in a heartbeat, and I am not a tours person.
That area is on my "yearn to do, but never will as impossible to reach" list.
Just a casualty of having to give up driving on health reasons.
Dunrobin on the other hand you can easily do by public transit. It's another castle and another distillery.

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isn31c, if your health issues would allow, you could always do the tour with the Rabbi.

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Thanks everyone for the input, we are doing the Torridon, etc, tour

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Torridon and the Applecross Peninsula are just as stunning as Skye, but not as crowded (we have been there several times). Eilean Donan is beautifully sited but was rebuilt in the 1920s. We toured the interior once - OK but not worth a repeat. Glencoe is another beautiful and evocative location - is it on your list?

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At Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow there is now a special tours departure board, at far right of the set of screens, listing all tours due out that day.
That includes Rabbies - that will confirm your stance number.

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Thanks, hopefully our hotel is not to far from the bus station

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You can only pick one tour - a Rabbi tour in Scotland, or a golf cart tour in Rome. Which would you pick? 🤔

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There's nothing wrong with Inverness. It is a large city which is geared up for tourists, has a lot of accommodation choices and is a good base for what you are wanting to do.