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questions (again) on bus and train transporation

Wondering if anyone has knowledge about the Megabus system from Edinburgh Airport into Glasgow. Want to wait until we arrive at Edinburgh and then purchase tickets for the bus to Buchanon Station in Glasgow. Are the buses usually booked up? I see they run rather frequently. This will be a Friday morning and I know there are some major festivals taking place that weekend in Edinburgh- not sure if that would impact the buses.

Also wondering the same for the bus back from Ft. William to Edinburgh. That would be on a Sunday and there is only 2 buses running that day, apparently. SO it would seem prudent to purchase those tickets ahead of time as space may be limited.

We're also taking a train from Glasgow Central Station to Milngavie on August 26, which is a Saturday. Wondering if we can just wait and purchase our tickets that day.

Thanks. We're skittish about advanced purchases because we got burned in Prague-had made advanced purchase for train tickets and when we tried to get an earlier train the staff at Prague Train Station Ticket Office were pretty nasty. Finally found a sympathetic English speaking couple who showed us how to go about getting an earlier train but we were not allowed to exchange tickets we already had, so purchased new ones. Being the Czech Republic it wasn't very expensive but I see Scotland's exchange rates are much steeper.

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If you go to the Megabus website and do a dummy booking for your dates, it will tell you exactly how many seats are left on the bus you want.

ETA: Sorry, one correction. It won't tell you the seats left if there are plenty of them, but once it gets down to a certain amount (I think 5 seats or less), it lets you know. I doubt very much whether there will be any problem booking it, and as you said they run very often.

With regards to the Glasgow Central Station ticket to Milngavie, you can purchase that the day of. There should be no need to book it in advance.

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Direct trains to Milngavie leave from Glasgow Queen Street Low Level. If you leave from Central Low Level you would have to change at Hyndland. No benefit from advance purchase. Same fare weeks ahead or on the day. They are just mass transit trains, no reserved seats, turn up and go.

Megabus is a code share with Scottish Citylink. At the airport it is not very likely that the bus will be in Megabus livery- much more likely to be in Citylink livery.

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SO if I've read the various information over several posts, once at Edinburgh Airport, I would exit from the terminal (only 1 terminal exit?) and find Bus Stop C for a megabus/citylink bus to Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station. And I can purchase the ticker from the driver and no need to purchase ahead of time? I understand some big festival is taking place the last weekend of August in Edinburgh; we arrive Friday morning, the 25th. Hopefully we won't have any issues getting a bus to Glasgow then.

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Essentially yes, only 1 exit. You will be funnelled through the exit to your left when you emerge from "airside" towards the trams and buses. If you were being really contrary you could turn right through the terminal, but that would only bring you out of another door further along the bus stands, and the signage on the stands is crystal clear about where to go.
It is an airport where you can't physically lose your way.
The buses to Glasgow start at the airport, and the airport is west (that is on the Glasgow side) of Edinburgh.
So anything happening in Edinburgh won't affect your bus or how many are using it. You are straight out of the airport onto the highway, and are going against the flow of traffic heading to Glasgow.