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Question about taking a rental car from Scotland briefly into England

We'll be renting a car in Scotland and touring there, and would like to dip down to spend 3-4 days in the Lake District, then head back up to return the car and fly out of Scotland (I'm assuming that's closer than going down to London?). But is there a problem with taking the car into England for a few days even though we'll still be returning it in Scotland? Thank you in advance for advice.

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not if your man Salmond has anything to say about it

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One game I play in the summer is spot the hire car. One thing you can work out pretty quickly is they will not have a Scottish plate. British licence plates go with the car for life (with some exceptions) so chances are whatever you hire will be the same, ie it will not begin with an 'S'. The border is a border that is not a border.