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Queen or King size beds?

My husband and I are beginning to plan a trip to Scotland for May/June of 2020. I've started doing some initial searching for B&Bs in the towns we will be staying in. I'm seeing a lot of "double" rooms and rooms with twin beds, but that's about it. My husband is 6'3" and 300 pounds. We sleep in a king at home but can make do in a queen. Will it be near impossible to find a room in a B&B with a queen or king bed? I'm guessing there might be more queen/king in the hotels, but I was wanting to stay in B&Bs.

I've been lurking on this site for quite a while, and have found everyone to be very helpful. Thanks in advance for your insight on this!

It’s going to be difficult. B&Bs tend to be in houses, and our houses are small with small rooms here in the UK.

Even in hotels you’d need to find something fairly modern to get the room size big enough for a UK King, which is smaller than a US King.

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Many rooms will come with a UK King Size bed (150cm x 200cm).

UK Double beds (135cm x 190cm) are less popular nowadays.

Rooms are called 'double' as they're for two people.

Twins rooms will likely have two single beds (90cm x 190cm).

If in doubt ask the b&b.

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Read the description of the 'double' room for the size of the bed. You will need to do a conversion of metric to imperial measurements to familiarize with what is close to a US king or queen. otherwise, determine whether a twin bed (and you want to check those measurements too) will be acceptable (with feet well over the end) or 2 rooms required.
Bed and breakfasts are quaint and idealistic, but may not fit your sleeping needs unless they are large roomed manors or castles (these may at least have larger rooms to allow for a bigger bed).
You will need to check every booking for bed size.

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You are making me think there ought to be a website devoted to travel for big & tall people! I just tried Googling and didn't run across one, but perhaps someone else knows of one.

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Will you be in Edinburgh? My sister and BIL booked a room with a King bed at Gifford House b&b. Very pleasant stay last July. They were looking for big beds and found the listing in the RS Scotland book.

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As a B&B owner I can tell you that plenty of B&Bs have UK King size beds - these are 150cm or 5 feet wide. Some B&Bs also have Super King beds, which are 6 feet wide, and can often be split into two single beds. A room for 2 people is advertised as a double room, but this doesn't have anything to do with the bed size. Best to ask your chosen B&B.

Jacqui (Skyegirl)

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You have all been so helpful! And yes, we will be staying in Edinburgh for 3 days so I'll check out the B&B that someone said has king beds.