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Purchasing an EE sim card in Stirling, Scotland

I have an unlocked Iphone 10 that I would like to install a sim card for calling and data while driving thru Scotland for 16 days. How do I go about getting the sim card in Stirling, our first stop. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Sims are widely available in supermarkets and often corner stores too

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I got my back-up sim card from a pound shop. Use it in an old cell phone. Its a giffgaff sim. As noted you can get sim cards anywhere.

Is there some reason why you specifically want an EE card? Not that I have anything against EE, its the main service I use.

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We got a giffgaff SIM card for 99 pence at Tesco. Easy to activate using the giffgaff app. 15£ for 20GB data and unlimited talk/text within the UK. We used google maps extensively and only used 7gb data in 30 days.

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I read on a Scotland travel tips facebook site that the EE card was the best option for getting a sim card with data.
Just want something easy to get and install. Main use will be for Google Maps.
Thank you for your prompt replies.

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Nothing against getting a SIM since it is your money, but downloaded for offline use Google maps works just fine. You just don’t get real-time traffic. Your current phone plan may already include free overseas data, at a slower speed. It worked adequately when I needed to be online to check distances.

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I picked one up at an EE shop. Super easy and quick. UK doesn’t require SIM cards to be registered so no passport need. Took maybe 20 minutes. Restarted phone and had working service before I left the store. Worked well in the towns where I was and plans start at just £10. Includes hotspot if you need to tether another device and is a nice backup option if hotel wifi isn’t working.

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it depends on the tower coverage of each company when you're in the wilds of Scotland.

Rather than just accepting opinions, maybe factual, maybe not of social media - why not look at the coverage maps of the three main players in the parts of Scotland where you will be.

The piggyback carriers like Giffgaff use the same networks as those they piggyback on, often with better deals.

In England I am very happy with O2 (and its friends) but for the vast unpopulated expanses of Scotland I'd check.