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Pubs & kids

We will be traveling in Scotland later this month and would like to know if there are rules about bringing a child (our grandson is 6) into a pub there. Is that allowed or are there rules, official or otherwise, that we need to know?

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yes and it can be a bit of a mine field.Pubs need to have a children's license, and children are only allowed in if eating a meal ,they are not allowed any where near the bar at any time,and in most places will have to be out by 9.00pm sometimes earlier.It is not always clear if they have a children's license so best to check with bar staff before everyone goes in.
However there are some places that do cater very well for children and have play areas etc.
Might be worth checking on the local Trip Advisor forums to get up to date info and maybe a a few reccommendations for suitable pubs in the areas you are visiting

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Last night I was out at our local pub here in Inwood (New York City--as far uptown as you can get and still be on Manhattan) watching the Women's World Cup. I was seated at the bar and seated next to me for the first half was a mom and dad with their nearly two year old son. They were eating and I thought it was great, but I am pretty sure it was illegal--not that anyone was going to call them on it. And the whole thing did get me wondering if it would have been illegal in Scotland and from what unclegus says it would have been. But if the pub had had a children's license and the family had been two feet behind me at a table, they would have been legal in Scotland. It might have been legal here too, but I think that they would have had to been 30 feet away in a section that was just tables.

These things really do get complicated....

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Thanks for the information. I did find some recommended child friendly pubs in Edinburgh on trip adviser but otherwise it sounds like we will just have to ask at any pub we are interested in.

Fantastic finish to the women's world cup, Pamela. I'm glad other people are locking in to how much fun our team is to watch.

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missed the football as it was on at silly o clock for us in the UK.
Judy hopefully you have found plenty of places to take your grandson into .I actually contacted the local Council in Edinburgh a couple of years ago to find out which pubs have children licenses and which don't but even they could not tell me and they are the ones that issue the license.